BI Norwegian Business School offers education with substance.

Bachelor and Master students

Attractive graduates from BI

Demand for labour
BI Norwegian Business School provides relevant and high-quality education that is greatly in demand both in business and industry and in public administration. Data from BI’s Employment Survey where graduates from 2009 were surveyed showed that 86 per cent of bachelor and 96 per cent of master graduates obtained jobs six months after graduation.

Good starting wage
According to the 2009 Employment Survey the annual starting salary for bachelor graduates, including fringe benefits, was as high as NOK 364,000, whereas the average pay for “siviløkonom” graduates (Master of Business and Economics) amounted to NOK 455,000. The Survey also shows that it pays to take a Master’s Degree after a Bachelor’s Degree, since the average additional pay increase amounted to NOK 70,000.

The youth wave
During the next 15 years the demand for labour with education from university or college will increase strongly. In 2025 there will be a need for an additional 60,000 employees with an education in economics and business administration (source: Statistics Norway “Supply and Demand for Labour by Education, 1986-2025 in Norwegian).


Academic environment

One of Norway’s leading academic environments
BI Norwegian Business School has one of Norway’s leading academic environments in the field of economics and business administration. At the beginning of 2010 BI’s academic staff reached more than 360, and in BI’s core areas this constitutes one of the largest scientific environments in Europe.


BI Norwegian School of Management

Research departments and centres
At BI you will find academic staff with varied academic backgrounds. There are eight Research Departments and a number of Research Centres at BI.

Market research

Among the best in Europe in market research
BI Norwegian Business School is rated the best in Scandinavia and among the leading business schools in Europe with respect to the amount of market research published. BI was ranked one of the world’s leading research environments in marketing in the Journal of Marketing from 2000 to 2007.

Financial research

BI’s research in finance at 5th place in Europe
Measured by scientific publishing, BI is ranked as the 5th best academic environments in Europe in the area of financial research. BI is the only Scandinavian institution appearing on the global top 100-list.

Doctoral Programme

Doctoral degrees
BI’s Doctoral Programme is one of the largest in Norway in the areas of economics and business administration. The programme has six specialisations. By 2013, 100 doctoral degrees have been completed at BI.

Endowed chairs

Endowed chairs
A number of enterprises and organisations channel their support for research at BI through various cooperation agreements. Some of these also include endowed chairs. At the beginning of 2010 BI had a total of 11 such endowed chairs.

BI's International activities

International activity

An international business school
BI Norwegian Business School takes 17th place among the best-known business schools in Europe. The survey Top Business Schools Worldwide by Eduniversal shows that BI is among the best-known business schools in Europe.



BI contributes to internationalisation through global student exchange and recruiting, joint educational programmes with foreign institutions, own study centres abroad and training programmes in cooperation with international enterprises.


Global exchange and recruiting
BI Norwegian Business School offers student exchange opportunities with 178+ universities and colleges in 45 countries.

Academic year 2012/2013: 1145 international students from 66 countries, including 471 exchange students.

Academic year 2011/2012: 1078 international students from 55 countries, including 460 exchange students.

Academic year 2010/2011: 1076 international students from 63 countries, including 490 exchange students.

Academic year 2009/2010: 1100 international students from 50 countries, including 450 exchange students.

Double degree

Double Degree Students

BI cooperates with several recognised schools in Europe offering double-degree programmes at master’s level. The second year of the programme is spent abroad, either at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, University of LjubljanaQueen's University, EDHEC Business School, University of Groningen, or Tilburg University. On successful completion of the programme the graduates will receive two Master’s Degrees from BI and the respective host institution.

Paris, France 

Executive Master of Management in Energy

The Executive Master of Management in Energy is a cooperation between BI Norwegian Business School and the well-known IFP School in Paris, France. This is a very popular programme with both domestic and international participants.

Shanghai, China

BI and China
Since 1996 BI and Fudan School of Management in Shanghai, China have operated closely by offering an MBA to Chinese leaders, among other things. So far with more than 1,500 alumni and 200 students graduating every year.
Part-time MBA in China

UC Berkeley, USA

BI and University of California-Berkeley 
Bachelor students studying marketing, business administration, entrepreneurship and retail management have the opportunity to take an exchange semester at Berkeley. BI works closely with UCB within the Executive MBA programme.

Continuing and further education

Job satisfaction

Continuing education leads to increased job satisfaction
This appears in a survey conducted by BI Norwegian Business School. More than 60 per cent of those who completed a part-time Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in 2008 responded that their education has resulted in increased job satisfaction.


Career booster

Continuing education is a career booster
More than 50 per cent of the participants in the survey show that graduates have received jobs at a higher level than before as a result of their further and continuing education at BI Norwegian Business School. 82 per cent believe that their education has strengthened their career opportunities.

Better pay

Continuing education = better pay
According to BI’s Employment Survey for Further and Continuing Education Students for 2009, almost 70 per cent of those who completed a part-time degree in 2008 say that their salary has increased. Of these 90 per cent maintain that the increase is a result of their education from BI.

Top executives

Top executives have an economics education
A survey conducted at BI shows that seven out of ten top executives in the 50 most highly valued listed companies in Norway have an education in the economics area. The CEOs of all the five companies with the highest market value are economists. Most of them have an education at “sivil” or master’s level, and in addition many of them have taken further education at master’s level.

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