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No institution beats BI when it comes to creating top executives. Among the five hundred largest enterprises in Norway every fourth top executive has a degree from BI.

26 Mar

The next places are occupied by NHH (18%), NTNU (14%) and the University of Oslo (9%). The survey has been carried out by NTNU. 

One of the reasons for the success achieved by BI graduates is the contribution by the student organizations to creating an active learning environment. DN (the Dagens Næringsliv) recently published an article on how positions of trust in the student organizations function as a sort of executive training arena. BI’s current Chair of the Board of Trustees, Terje Venold, is a good example of this. When he did his master’s degree in business and economics at BI at the beginning of the 1970’s he was a member of the board of the student organization and at the same time he managed the finances of the organization. Later he has become CEO of Veidekke, and he is now the longest serving CEO in Norway! 

Næringslivsdagene 2012I never cease to be impressed with our student organizations. Recently, for instance, I had a meeting with the organization’s Business Committee. They gave an account of their trip to Germany where during visits to leading international companies such as Audi, Mercedes (lucky guys), Siemens and Statoil they had profiled the education they are taking, as well as BI as an institution. Thus, they made their contribution, together with BI’s own Career Service, to opening up an international labour market both for themselves, their fellow students, and BI. 

Students who accept positions of trust signal that they are used to having many irons in the fire and that they are not afraid of assuming responsibility. Thus, they gain unique leadership experience along with inspiration for future careers. They are trained in putting their heads out, they reach job-related maturity sooner, are able to demonstrate social skills and master extracurricular matters along with academic matters (which are also important!!). Not to mention the benefits they derive from the network that is created through an active life as a student. 

Among top leaders in politics, business and social life there is a long list of people who have held demanding positions of trust at universities and colleges. That is not accidental.

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