What is an internship in general and what is BI Internship in particular. We will give you the answer here!

When you have an internship you work with a company with relevant tasks over a short period of time, for instance one summer. An internship is a great opportunity to acquire relevant work experience in an area you find interesting. You typically have the opportunity to take part in various tasks within the company and thus you gain practical experience. This is also a great opportunity to get in touch with people and expand your network. Many companies use internships as a way of getting to know future candidates for full-time positions, so this could be an excellent way of getting "a foot in the door"!

Many companies have deadlines during the autumn. Check out BI Career portal for these positions.

BI Internship – get credit bearing work experience as part of your degree!

BI works diligently with the business community to offer students meaningful internship assignments and real-world experience. BI Internships are the channels for students to apply knowledge in a practical business setting, build confidence, expand their network, and accomplish career goals and objectives.

As the largest business school in Norway, BI plays a vital role in providing the business community with interns educated in the latest research and developments in the field of business.

 As a BI student you will find more information here: @BI/Careers Service

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