Master in Accounting and Auditing

Students from Master of Professional Accountancy

Would you be interested in a higher education programme providing you with in-depth knowledge of accounting and auditing, and an understanding of how these disciplines today constitute important management tools?

This Master programme is taught in Norwegian. More detailed information about the programme can be found on our Norwegian pages​.​

Accounting and auditing are complex disciplines at many levels. In working life, the tasks are many and varied and involve extensive contact with clients. A Master's Degree from BI will give you in-depth knowledge of accounting and auditing issues that will constitute a solid platform for managerial positions in this field. This is a two-year professional programme for those who want to qualify for a career as a State Authorized Public Accountant or for other positions where in-depth knowledge is important.

In particular, the programme focuses on the following disciplines:

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Business law
  • Tax law
  • Business understanding
  • Ethics


The purpose of the programme is to enable you to qualify for high-level work in the field of accounting and auditing with all the opportunities this will give you both in Norway and internationally. Many of the disciplines of the programme have a clear international profile, particularly with respect to financial accounts, IT auditing, auditing, partnership and company law, EU law, business understanding, strategy, business management and ethics. The teaching is in Norwegian.​


The field of accounting and auditing always offers a number of good career opportunities in all parts of business and industry. With this Master's Degree from BI you will be qualified for a variety of positions both in the public and private sectors.​

The following are some examples of positions our graduates have obtained recently:

  • Auditor in an auditing firm
  • Analyst in an auditing and consultancy firm
  • Partner in an auditing and consultancy firm
  • Deputy chief accountant in a grocery-store chain
  • Bank manager in a banking group

Many of our graduates also choose international careers.


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