Would you consider taking an education focusing on the close relations between organisation, leadership and results in enterprises? If so, you should take a closer look at the Master of Science in Leadership and Organisational Psychology.

What is the secret of composing a winning team? How are the right persons selected for vacancies in organisations? How can leaders motivate their employees to perform at their best? These are exactly the skills that are increasingly required in all the areas of working life – in business and industry and public administration, as well as in sports. In all these areas leaders are needed who are able to understand how people should best be organized and led to function and perform optimally together.​


An Master in Science in Leadership and Organisational Psychology will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of what contributes to producing results in an organisation. There is a focus on problem-solving, decision-making processes, what roles individuals and groups may play, how different organisational forms and principles may have a decisive effect, and what changes and moves are often necessary. The programme is taught in English. This will give you a good command of English, which is a necessity for most managers both in Norway and abroad.

All Master's degree programmes offered by BI are full-time, and with the exception of the Master in Accounting and Auditing, they are taught in English.


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