Awarded to students who possess an outstanding record of superior academic achievement, the BI Presidential Scholarships are open to Norwegian and international applicants.


Candidates with a GPA of A on the ECTS scale or equivalent top-level grade on international grade scales who apply for and are admitted to a Master of Science programme.

Students enrolled in BI’s Siviløkonom programme are eligible to apply in their 3rd year.

The BI Presidential Scholarship is available to students in all Master of Science programmes.

How to apply:

Write a scholarship application letter, maximum one page, outlining why you are deserving of this scholarship. Include the application with your online admission application.

Students enrolled in BI’s Sivøk programme can apply in their third year by sending a scholarship application letter to .

Application Deadline:

Scholarship applications must be received by March 1.

Applications from Sivøk students must be received by March 1.

Selection of Recipients:

  • All candidates will be assessed according to the ECTS scale. Applicants with international bachelor’s degrees will have their grades converted to the ECTS scale.
  • Other factors that may influence ranking can be other academic, GMAT/GRE/CAT scores, extracurricular achievements and special personal achievements. Certified copies of documents of these achievements and a CV must be presented.
  • BI aims for a national and international mix in the student body. Hence, priority may be given to applicants from selected countries, selected partner schools of BI, or enrolled in priority master’s programmes.

Final decisions cannot be appealed.

Scholarship Award:

All candidates must meet academic progression requirements in order to maintain their scholarship.

Norwegian Recipients: Scholarships will cover full tuition fees for each semester.

International Recipients: Scholarships will cover full tuition fees and a stipend for living expenses for each semester.

Academic Progression Requirements:

1. Full study progression (30 ECTS) in each semester.

2. Minimum cumulative GPA of a "B" on the BI ECTS scale after completion of each academic semester.

3. Candidates who are awarded the BI Presidential Scholarship must be prepared to be "BI Ambassadors", acting as spokespeople, assisting in recruitment efforts and promoting a good study environment. The details regarding responsibilities will be specified in the Scholarship Contract. 

Number of Scholarships:

A maximum of 20 scholarships for international applicants and 10 scholarships for Norwegian applicants are available for the academic year commencing Autumn 2017.

Candidates accepted to a Master of Science degree commencing Autumn 2017 will be considered for this scholarship.

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