Centre for Climate Strategy

The Center for Climate Strategy works on climate issues in a holisitic, multidisiplinary and long term perspective. The focus is on what can be done to reduce climate gas emissions at the global, national, corporate and individual level.

Centre for Climate Strategy


Contribute towards the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions on a 5 – 15 year horizon 

Ethical base

Equal climate footprint for all humans in the long run 


  • Develop suggestions for good climate strategy --- at the global, national, corporate and individual level
  • Forecast the cost and effect of these strategi
  • Identify and highlight barriers to attitude change and implementation
  • Communicate the results to implementors and the public


  • Maintain knowledge about the costs and consequences of most important climate actions, both past and future.
  • Understand the future environment - both physical and social --- in which climate strategies will have to be implemented.
  • Provide surveys of the impact of past climate policy.

Methodological foundation

  • Cross disciplinary - breadth prioritized over depth.
  • Microeconomic analysis, behavioral economics, life cycle analysis, input output analysis, system dynamics, foresight and scenario techniques.


  • Proposed climate strategies (for different actors, suited to their objectives)
  • Suggested implementation strategies (in light of implementation barriers)
  • Identification of industrial opportunities
  • Scenarios for the economic, regulatory and climatic environment in which future climate strategies will have to be implemented
  • Summaries and analyses of past developements of climate policy

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