The Board of Trustees

BI Norwegian Business School is a self-owned foundation and is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of eight members of which four are external and four internal.

  • Chairman

    Knut Haanæs

    Senior Partner and manager of Boston Consulting Groups Geneva office
  • Vice chairman

    Maalfrid Brath

    Managing Director Norway at Manpower Group In
  • Board Member

    Marianne Stenius

    Dean of International Affairs, Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki
  • Board Member

    Gunnar Bjørkavåg

    Group CEO of NHST Media Group
  • Board member

    Gabriel Robertstad Garcia Benito

    Professor Department of Strategy – BI Norwegian Business School
  • Board Member

    Caroline Dale Ditlev-Simonsen

    Associate Professor, Department of Law and Co-director BI Centre for Corporate Responsibility
  • Board Member

    Silje Engeseth

    Head of Administration, Institute of Communication and Culture
  • Administrative observer

    Anders Gautvik-Minker

    Head of Administration, Department of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, BI Norwegian Business School
  • Student representative

    Even Opsal

    Student at BI Norwegian Business School and Chairman of the SBIO Board of Trustees
  • Student observer

    Fredrik Knutsen

    Student at BI Norwegian Business School and President of the BI Studentsamfunn (BIS) Management in Bergen
  • Faculty substitute

    Cathrine Bjune

  • Faculty substitute

    Pål Lauritzen

  • Administrative substitute

    Eli Johanne Christensen

  • Administrative substitute

    Nicole Ebbing