Annual Report 2020

Strategy 2025

By being a research-based, learning-oriented and connected business school, BI shall shape individuals and business for an international, digital and sustainable future.

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At BI, students, academics and businesses cooperate to create a more sustainable future. We strive to achieve top academic quality and to make attractive careers and enterprises. We shall reach this goal through recognized international research and top-quality education in close interaction with business and society in general. 

Core values

We are committed to helping our students succeed.
Our staff and our activities are focused on our students’ learning. We expect dedicated students who produce good results.  

We pursue creativity and innovation.
We create values for our students, businesses and society in general.  

We act responsibly.
We live by the principles of academic freedom and integrity . We contribute to sustainable development in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals through research, learning, operations, and cooperation. We have respect for students and colleagues. 

We act in a collegiate spirit.
We contribute to an including workplace where we value curiosity and show interest in each other.

Strategic priorities 

Attractive programmes and quality graduates
Sustainability, digitalization, internationalization and practical business understanding shall be integrated in all our programmes of study. We shall enhance the students’ learning outcome through active and varied learning activities. Our objective is to develop the students’ global mindset. At the same time, we shall work on renewing the bachelor’s degree programmes portfolio, expand the master’s degree programmes portfolio and strengthen our efforts in the further and continuing education market and our international activities.

Top academic quality
We shall create a world-class academic environment with a considerable impact on international research, the students learning, and on business practices. In the longer term two to three of our academic business disciplines shall be among the best in Europe. We shall improve our teaching and the students’ learning outcomes through better insight and systematic pedagogical training and support. In the time to come, we shall give priority to investments in a top international academic staff, excellent research and infrastructure to support this. We shall also prioritize externally funded research to expand our productivity and research capacity.

Operational excellence
We shall further an innovative culture based on diversity, inclusion, cooperation and supportive management. We shall support and develop innovative initiatives by creating links between the academia, students and business. High priority will be given to the development of user-friendly and effective student services. The same applies to the development of a robust digital infrastructure through business insights and analyses. We shall also involve our alumni through partnerships with business and industry and public administration.

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