Annual report 2021

Revised strategy 2025

To make sure BI continues to shape people and business for an international, digital and sustainable future, even in the post-pandemic period, we decided to revise our BI Strategy for 2025 this past year.

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Our Mission

Bring together students, academics and professionals from business and industry to create an international, digital and sustainable future. We fulfil our mission to shape people and business for an international, digital and sustainable future by pursuing academic excellence and shaping future careers and businesses through internationally acclaimed research, high-quality education and close interaction with business and society.

A Culture for Quality

All quality-related activities in programme development and management will be characterised by transparency, commitment, inclusion and documentation to heighten quality standards and ensure real participation and co-production of quality.

Our Core Values

We are unconditionally committed to our student's success
We deliver excellence in education that prepares our students for an international, digital, and sustainable future. We engage our students in developing our research, programmes, teaching and learning environments.

We honour and promote academic values
We promote academic values, academic integrity and freedom, and responsible evaluation of research. We advance international research through international recruitment and research cooperation through publications in prestigious journals and relevant external research funding.  

We nurture a culture of innovation
We collaborate for academic excellence and nurture a culture of innovation and improvement. We add value for students, businesses, and society.

We act responsibly
We act with responsibility, respect and ethical awareness. We contribute to sustainable development in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). We integrate these goals and principles into our research, teaching, operations and collaboration.

We act with collegiality
We contribute to an inclusive, transparent, honest and friendly working environment in which curiosity and interest in each other are valued. We are respectful of colleagues' time, contributions and opinions. There should be room for both cooperation and autonomy.

Strategic Priorities

Attractive programmes and talented candidates
At BI, we build attractiveness through the complete learning path, from admission to post-graduation. We are committed to building learning paths centred around the students' needs and ambitions at various stages in their lives and for lifelong learning. Our study programmes aim to shape the students' development of the necessary social, ethical and sustainability awareness to become valuable citizens. 

Outstanding research and teaching
Develop cutting-edge research that is channelled into our study programmes and has an impact on society. We will continue to recruit and retain excellent faculty to advance international research that addresses key societal challenges in prestigious scientific journals and excellent and relevant external research funding. BI will also implement new teaching practices to enhance the learning outcomes of our students and provide inspiring learning experiences. 

Being connected to society and business (connectedness)
BI recognises the important role of organisations from the academic, private and public spheres in research, education and value-creation. To further develop and institutionalise connectedness within BI as an organisation, we will continue to involve and collaborate with academics, students, investors, authorities and companies in our efforts to support, create and develop entrepreneurial initiatives and our own teaching programmes.

Operational excellence
BI will promote a culture of innovation and excellence in performance by focusing on diversity, inclusiveness, collaboration, and supportive leadership practices. We will offer high-quality support services and increase operational efficiency through digitalisation, enhanced interaction and shared practices. The development of our campuses and operations will support our ambition to adhere to international climate and environmental goals.  

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