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Azevedo Writing Workshop - Seminar II

Back by popular demand: the writing course held by Frank Azevedo. Available for all MSc students, free of charge.

The workshop is offered twice, so you may choose which one to join.

Frank Azevedo receives great reviews for his workshops, so participation is highly recommended.

Good writing is clear, concise, coherent, and careful. In the writing workshop, you will learn how to revise carefully and to thereby achieve clarity.

A brief description of the approach and the benefits:

  • The workshop focuses on sentence-level revision for clarity, concision, coherency, and carefulness.
  • Participants will learn techniques they can immediately apply to revising their drafts (e.g., how to use Word’s functionality to analyze their writing for wordiness, carelessness, inconsistencies, etc.).
  • Participants who have laptops should bring them to the workshop so they can analyze their writing samples (e.g., their bachelor thesis, a draft of their master thesis, etc.) during the workshop by applying the techniques being taught.
  • Participants who don’t have laptops can bring their writing samples on a flash drive. Mr Azevedo will analyze as many as he can to demonstrate to the group how to apply the techniques being taught and more.
  • A reading list (many texts on it are in the libraries of most Norwegian universities and colleges) and a list of helpful websites are included in the PowerPoint presentation. Some of the websites will be displayed during the workshop.

Azevedo Writing Workshop - Seminar I

  1. Monday March 6th at 1700-1945  
  2. Tuesday March 7th at 1400-1645  

Azevedo Writing Workshop - Seminar II

  1. Wednesday March 8th at 1700-1945 in auditorium C2-060 (day 1)
  2. Thursday March 9th at 1400-1645 in auditorium C2-055 (day 2)

Practical information

  • Time:Wednesday, 08 March 2017 17:00 - Thursday, 09 February 2017 16:45
  • Place:Campus Oslo
  • Contact:Master of Science (