CAPR Workshop

Invitation to CAPR's annual workshop on investment- and production-based asset pricing.

Practical information

  • Time:Tuesday, 22 May 2018 07:55 - 17:00
  • Place:BI - campus Oslo, Auditorium A2-080
  • Contact:Paul Ehling (


  • Time
  • Title
  • Opening remarks by Paul Ehling (BI)

  • Session 1 chaired by Øyvind Norli (BI)

    Joao Gomes (Wharton): Foreseen Risks

    Discussant: Bernard Dumas (INSEAD)

    Hengjie Ai (Minnesota): The Collateralizability Premium

    Discussant: Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen (LBS)

  • Break

  • Session 2 chaired by Tatyana Marchuk (BI)

    Mattias Kehrig (Duke): Do Firms Mitigate or Magnify Capital Misallocation?

    Evidence from Plant-Level Data

    Discussant: Ilan Cooper (BI)

    Evgeny Lyandres (Boston University): Misvaluation of Investment Options

    Discussant: Alessandro Graniero (BI)

  • Lunch

  • Session 3 chaired by Sven Klinger (BI)

    Tim Landvoigt (Wharton): A Macroeconomic Model with Financially Constrained Producers and Intermediaries

    Discussant: Iván Alfaro (BI)

    Youchang Wu (Oregon): Production Networks and Stock Returns: The Role of Vertical Creative Destruction

    Discussant: Patrick Konermann (BI)

  • Break

  • Session 4 chaired by Espen Henriksen (BI)

    Iván Alfaro (BI): The Finance Uncertainity Multiplier

    Discussant: Zhanhui Chen (NTU)