Campus Oslo

Hotel Information

BI Norwegian Business School has obtained favorable agreements with hotels in the Oslo areas, which our visiting students are welcome to use.

BI has a basic agreement with Nordic Choice Hotels which has several hotels in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger. BI's customer number is 60230943.


Nordic Choice Hotels has several hotels in the city center. The metro will take you to Nydalen in approximately 11-14 minutes. 

The following hotels are listed according to distance to the closest metro station:

Close to Jernbanetorget (11 minutter med T-bane til/fra Nydalen)

For all Nordic Choice Hotels. please see

In addition to the NCH deal, BI has a deal with Radisson BLU Hotel in Nydalen and Radisson BLU Plaza. The hotel in Nydalen is located a one minute walk from the BI building. BI's customer number at Radisson BLU is 78485.


Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim

Nordic Choice Hotels several hotels in Bergen, Stavanger og Trondheim. Please use the following link to find your hotel:

For the deal to be valid, you need to show your student ID card (or other confirmation) upon arrival at the hotel.