Privacy policy

BI Norwegian Business School and the Personal Data Act. The Norwegian Business School BI handles personal data with respect and care, and all registration of personal information in our registers of interested parties, applicants and students are based upon consent from you as an individual. 

Newsletter registration 

Our aim is that the information we send out be as relevant as possible to each recipient.
In order to customize information to your needs and the relevant education level, we ask for personal information such as your name, date of birth, etc. These details help us to avoid having duplicates in our database.

We will not disclose any personal information to others.

In order to receive our customized newsletters, we must first have your consent (does not apply to information we must provide in correlation to having applied for admission or in relation to being a student at BI Norwegian Business School). You may at any time ask to be removed from the distribution list.

Application and admission processing

When you create a search profile and application at BI Norwegian Business School’s application website, cookies will be created in your browser to cache content. Once your application is completed, the cookies are deleted and your browser cleaned. Read more about the use of cookies

When you submit your application, BI Norwegian Business School will process it and all its information, like name, address, phone number, date of birth, e-mail address and password, information regarding previous education and any work experience, including supporting documentation like names of employers and their contact details. We store the time of log in, the computer’s IP address and login route, as well as any changes to your online application at every log in.

BI Norwegian Business School can furthermore obtain and store information from other sources, and will also store information related to the application processing. The purpose of collecting and storing your personal details are solely to process your application for admittance to a course or study at BI Norwegian Business School.

Your stored personal details can be found in your online application where you can correct the information provided. The application website will show the status and result of your application.

When it comes to information regarding your processing controller, contact information and details about access in general and disclosure, please see the following information: Access to and release of information (further down this page).

Register of Students

To administer you as a student, it is necessary for us to store all your personal data: name, address, telephone number, identity number (11 figures), employer and employer's address where applicable, and information on previous education and any work experience. In addition, information is registered and stored concerning the course and studies you undertake and exam results (grades).

We are required by the Act to store this information, and therefore it cannot be deleted. The information will not be released to unauthorized parties. If your employer is paying for your education and would like information concerning your exam results, BI Norwegian Business School cannot release this information without consent from you as a student.

Access to and release of information

Persons who are registered in the BI Norwegian Business School's student database can request access to the information the organization has registered for the person concerned. This information will only be released if the person concerned submits a written and signed application. If this application is made in person, the applicant must provide proof of identity. This is to ensure that information will not be released to an unauthorized person.

BI Norwegian Business School does not release information to unauthorized persons, but does release information to organizations such as:

  • Statistics Norway
  • Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
  • Database for Statistics on Higher Education (DBH)
  • NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education)

In addition, the names and addresses of new students are released to BI's student union and the Students' Welfare Association in Oslo.

BI Norwegian Business School observes at all times the applicable regulations concerning updates of the Central Reservation Register, consent to or exclusion from our newsletter, and performs ongoing maintenance to prevent personal information from being released into publicly accessible sources.

The President is responsible for management of personal data at BI Norwegian Business School.

Chat / Phone / Email / Meetings in person

In order to better help you and provide the best customer service possible, BI stores chats, excerpts from phone calls, meetings, and emails in our customer service system. When using the chat feature, you have the opportunity to register anonymously. Even if the call can not be linked to you personally, the call will still be saved.

Information will be deleted after a period of time if it is not related to communication with anyone applying for admission, enrolling as a student, as a former student, or as a recipient of our newsletters.