Coronavirus outbreak


Questions related to digital home exams for full-time students 

The new exam schedule released on Friday 27 March has led to a number of reactions and questions from our students. Most of the inquiries are concerning the exams that were moved to August 2020.

BI’s management recognizes that the changes in the exam schedule has created a difficult situation for some of our students. In light of this, BI’s management team will during the coming week consider the students’ demands, and look at possibilities to see if we may are able to accommodate some of them. The student organisation, BISO, will be included in this work to represent the student’s interests.

BI asks for your patience and understanding in a situation that is difficult for all of us. The corona outbreak has made it impossible to arrange the Spring semester's exams as originally scheduled, resulting in BI having to convert all school exams to digital home examinations.

BI will reach a conclusion before Easter.

New examination schedule

What are the most important changes?

  • Important information concerning exams will be provided in the course rooms on itslearning.
  • BI strongly recommends that all students maintain their study progression and complete their exams.
  • All campus exams in May and June will be changed to digital home exams. Most exam dates are the same as in the original plan. 
  • Please note that it may take some time before “My exams” in the Student Portal is updated with the new time and date. The new exam plan applies.
  • The duration has been changed for some exams. Time has been extended for some, and reduced for others. This is to ensure learning outcomes are tested in the best possible way.
  • All exams – except exams in mathematics and statistics – will take place in the period between 24 April and 30 June. Exams in mathematics and statistics will take place between 5 august and 14 August and will be held on campus.
  • The new deadline for delivering your master’s thesis is 1 September.
  • EMBA and EMME students have separate exam plans.
  • International students who have returned to their home countries in other time zones should prepare for exams at inconvenient local times.