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Exams in mathematics and statistics in June 2020

Below you will find updated information, including times and dates, for all exams in mathematics and statistics at BI this June. Scroll further down for frequently asked questions and answers.

You are automatically registered for your exam(s) and it is not necessary to deregister if you do not want to complete your examination. Exam registrations for this semester and the courses listed below, will not count as an examination attempt.  

All exams in mathematics and statistics will be graded pass/fail. This means that students, for the spring semester 2020 only, will not receive letter grades. We will not offer resit examinations using pass/fail grading. In the autumn semester 2020, courses and their respective exams will go back to their original form using the A-F grading scale.  

If you prefer to have your exam graded using the A-F scale, you will have to wait to complete your exam until the next examination in the autumn semester 2020. Be advised that a pass/fail grade will not prevent you from proceeding with further studies at BI. Students who have “passed” a course with letter grade requirements are qualified, given that any other qualification requirements are fulfilled.  

You should note that the courses in mathematics and statistics will be given new course codes. The name of the exam will remain the same. It may take some time before “your page” is updated on the Study Portal, and all changes will be found in the exam plan. Pay attention to any information posted on itslearning.  

Please note that the ordinary examinations we are referring to for the autumn semester 2020, only applies if the Norwegian government lifts their restrictions related to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

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