Coronavirus outbreak

Exchange autumn 2020

BI has decided to cancel exchange to and from all countries for the autumn semester 2020.

BI has decided to cancel one semester exchange to and from all countries, including Europe for the autumn semester 2020. Note that this does not apply to QTEM and Double Degree that have a mandatory exchange period as part of the degree. These students will receive separate information by email.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to discourage all travel that is not strictly necessary, to all countries. These travel restrictions are, as of now, in effect until 20th August. Travel and entry restrictions in other countries are also continually changing, creating an unreliable situation. To ensure predictability and security for the students, we consider the best solution is to cancel one semester exchange to all countries.

It is important for BI to ensure the best possible framework for student exchange, as well as ensure our students gain a sound academic outcome. Unfortunately, due to the high level of uncertainty related to the Covid-19 restrictions and the impact on the quality of learning outcomes, everyday study life, obtaining student insurance and the opportunity to travel, we cannot now guarantee this.

Outgoing exchange – BI students going abroad

Incoming exchange – Students from abroad coming to BI

For Partners:

The possibility to defer students to spring 2021 and to nominate additional students, depends on several factors such as the exchange balance, and our capacity to take extra students in terms of housing and courses. Please contact us at, so we can look into each case individually.