Exchange autumn 2021


Nominations from partner schools

  • All of BI’s partner schools will receive information about nomination procedures by email at the beginning of March.
  • The nomination deadline is 25 April, and the application deadline for students is 1 May.
  • BI will accept students for the academic year 2021/22 based on our agreements. We will unfortunately not be able to accept additional students who previously missed out on exchange due to the pandemic. A spread of students on both the autumn and spring semester would be appreciated.

Teaching at BI

BI will if possible, offer face to face lectures, but will at all times have digital teaching as backup. BIs management monitors the situation continuously and follows the advice from the Government.

BI will not arrange for digital exchange, and students must be prepared to come to Oslo by semester start.

Exams at BI

BI will if possible, arrange on-campus examinations, but at the same time be prepared to arrange digital exams if required. Students will be informed well in advance, but a decision will not be made until after semester start.

Housing for International students

  • BI is facing a challenging housing situation for the autumn semester. We have previously always practiced a housing guarantee for international students. 
  • For autumn 2021 we can only guarantee housing for students from outside Europe. As a housing guarantee is necessary for visa purposes, students from outside Europe will get priority. 
  • All students should apply through the housing pre-application form regardless, but because of the lack of housing due to the pandemic, our housing partners may not be able to offer all European students housing. 
  • Students who apply for housing within the deadline 1 May, will receive information about how to proceed. Late applicants will have to search for housing on the private marked. 
  • Students that do not get housing with one of BI’s housing partners, will be refunded the 1000 NOK application fee, and receive instructions about how to search for housing on the private market. 
  • Please see more information about housing and find the pre-application form here.