Coronavirus outbreak

Notification form Corona

NOTE: We are doing this to limit the spread of infection. It is optional to fill out this form, and all data will be processed confidentially.

  • The information is being collected to keep a track of the employees at BI Norwegian Business School who are infected with Corona Virus or are in quarantine/isolation. 
  • This information is being stored securely with restricted access within BI. 
  • The data-subjects (employees) may summon their information at any time and/or may even demand to delete it at anytime. 
  • The information will be stored for as long as it is necessary and until the Corona situation is under control, and will be deleted afterwards. 
  • This information will not be shared with any external parties unless summoned by government agencies (like FHI etc.). 
Are you quarantined or isolated?
Have you been tested?
Did you visit campus in the last 48 hours before you first noticed symptoms/became sick?
Have you held lectures or been physically present in class during this period?