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Tine Petersen Malonæs

Visiting phd candidate - Department of Law and Governance


Adarkwah, Gilbert Kofi & Petersen Malonæs, Tine (2020)

Firm-specific advantages: a comprehensive review with a focus on emerging markets

Asia Pacific Journal of Management Doi: 10.1007/s10490-020-09737-7 - Full text in research archive

We consolidate and comprehensively review the international business (IB) literature on the firm-specific advantages (FSAs) of emerging market multinational enterprises (EM MNEs). We do so through a systematic examination of 88 empirical and conceptual articles published in top-ranked IB journals between 2011 and 2018. The results reveal that in the past decades, EM MNEs have acquired several of the same FSAs as their counterparts in developed countries (developed country enterprises or DC MNEs) financial resources, technologies, marketing capabilities, brand equity, R&D intensity, and management competencies. However, more recently, EM MNEs have developed additional unique FSAs in the form of managerial capabilities - to cope with competition in uncertain and constantly changing environments; easy access to cheaper capital; a stronger commitment to networks, such as those with diaspora communities; and, political connections. These additional FSAs have catalyzed the internationalization of EM MNEs. Our study also shows that some hurdles remain in the IB literature on FSAs. For instance, while IB scholars agree that EM MNEs have different investment motives depending on whether they invest in other emerging economies or developed economies, scholars are silent on the exact FSAs necessary to make EM MNEs investments in the respective economies successful. To advance the IB literature, we present some promising future research areas and challenge scholars to pursue further empirical studies on the FSAs of EM MNEs.

Sogner, Knut & Petersen, Tine (2014)

Strategiske samspill: Kongsberg Gruppens historie 1987-2014

Pax Forlag.

Petersen, Tine (2014)

Norsk valutakurspolitikk 1931-1933: Stabilitet eller fleksibilitet?

Ekberg, Espen; Lønnborg, Mikael & Myrvang, Christine (red.). Næringsliv og historie

Petersen Malonæs, Tine (2018)

Rheinmetall Norway

[Popular scientific article]. Store Norske Leksikon (Nettutgaven)

Petersen Malonæs, Tine (2018)


[Popular scientific article]. Store Norske Leksikon (Nettutgaven)

Petersen Malonæs, Tine (2018)


[Popular scientific article]. Store Norske Leksikon (Nettutgaven)

Petersen Malonæs, Tine (2018)

Kongsberg Gruppen

[Popular scientific article]. Store Norske Leksikon (Nettutgaven)

Petersen Malonæs, Tine (2018)

A dual capabilities perspective on corporate entrepreneurship. Lessons from the Norwegian defence industry

[Academic lecture]. 34th EGOS Colloquium.

Petersen, Tine & Sogner, Knut (2017)

Fremveksten av systemkompetanse i Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk

[Academic lecture]. Norske historiedager.

Petersen, Tine (2010)

Veien vekk fra gullet

[Popular scientific article]. Fortid, s. 40- 46.

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2011 University of Oslo Master Cand. Philol.
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2014 - Present BI Norwegian Business School PhD Candidate