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John Christian Langli

Professor - Department of Accounting Auditing and Business Analytics

Publications registered in Cristin

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John Christian Langli holds a Ph.D. from The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and is currently Professor of Business Economics at the Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law at BI The Norwegian School of Business. His research interests are empirical reserach in financial accounting, auditing and corporate governance.

Selected publications:
Governance Structure and Firm Performance in Private Family Firms, Journal of Busines Finance & Accounting, 2015: 42(9): 1216-1250 (with Limei Che)
Audits of private firms. In Routledge Companion to Auditing, edited by David Hay, W.Robert Knechel and Marleen Willekens, 2014 (with Tobias Svanström). 
Agency Conflicts and Auditing in Private Firms. Accounting, Organizations, and Society, 2012, 37(7): 500-517 (with Ole-Kristian Hope and Wayne B. Thomas.
Auditor Independence in a Private Firm and Low Litigation Risk Setting. The Accounting Review, 2010. 85(2): 573-605 (with Ole-Kristian Hope). 
Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
1993 Norwegian School of Economics, NHH Ph.D Dr. Oecon.
1988 BI Norwegian Business School Master of Science in Business
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2006 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Professor
1994 - 2006 BI Norwegian Business School Associate professor
2000 - 2005 BI Norwegian Business School Head of Department
1993 - 1994 University of Washington Visiting scholar
1992 - 1994 Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) Scholarship holder
1988 - 1992 BI Norwegian Business School Scholarship holder
1987 - 1988 BI Norwegian Business School Research Assistant