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Finn Frandsen

Adjunct Professor - Department of Communication and Culture


Frandsen, Finn & Johansen, Winni (2023)

Corporate crisis management: Managing Covid-19 in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway

Johansson, Bengt; Ihlen, Øyvind, Lindholm, Jenny & Ørsten, Mark (red.). Communicating a Pandemic: Crisis Management and Covid-19 in the Nordic Countries

This chapter presents main challenges to the field of corporate crisis management and crisis communication, as well as to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite variations in state strategies for dealing with Covid-19, conditions and ways of handling the crisis of the SMEs appear to be quite similar in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, lending confirmation to the idea of a specific Nordic model. As SMEs were not prepared for this type of crisis, many of them turned to their trade associations for help in dealing with the problems created by the pandemic (lockdown, no income, lay-offs, etc.). Hence, based on a small explorative study, we also discuss in this chapter the role and communication of the trade associations in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, acting as intermediaries between companies, government, media, and the public in the rhetorical arena of the Covid-19 pandemic. The trade associations succeeded in increasing the media coverage of SMEs, which had an important impact on solutions such as state support packages and the communication with members (extra-communication) and staff despite lockdown and remote work.

Frandsen, Finn & Johansen, Winni (2022)

Rhetorical Sub-Arena Theory: Revisited and Expanded.

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New Theoretical Directions and Frameworks in Social Media and Crisis Communication Research

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Frandsen, Finn & Johansen, Winni (2022)

Strategic communication: a discipline in the making?

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Maier, Carmen Daniela; Frandsen, Finn & Johansen, Winni (2022)

Understanding the arena of smoldering crises: a longitudinal study of discursive struggles after implementing a new IT health care platform

Journal of Communication Management Doi: 10.1108/JCOM-12-2021-0136

Purpose The aim of this paper is to study the development of a smoldering crisis over time. The focus is on a nationwide news media and online news communication related to a smoldering crisis running in the Danish healthcare system since 2016: the problematic implementation of a large-scale electronic health record (EHR), technology entitled Sundhedsplatformen (SP), in the hospitals of the capital region of Denmark. Design/methodology/approach Based on insights from crisis communication theories and in particular rhetorical arena theory (RAT), traces of SP smoldering crisis and patterns of discursive strategies are identified and explained from a longitudinal perspective to explain the communicative complexity that characterizes this smoldering crisis. To build an understanding of how this smoldering crisis is perceived, followed and kept alive, an analysis of (de)legitimation discursive strategies employed strategically by various actors and voices in news articles is conducted in relation to four communicative themes: issue identification, warnings, blame attribution and potential solutions. Findings It has been found that a legitimacy deficit emerges communicatively through specific (de)legitimation strategies during this smoldering crisis. New insights into RAT (Frandsen and Johansen, 2017) are also provided. Practical implications This study is not only of theoretical relevance, but it is also of practical relevance for public relation professionals who aim to identify characteristics of starting smoldering crises as well as to find strategic responses to the ongoing challenges and the developing over time of smoldering crises. Originality/value New insights into RAT (Frandsen and Johansen, 2017) are provided.

Frandsen, Finn & Johansen, Winni (2021)

God, bedre, bedst? Kommunikationens rolle i ledelse

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Crisis Consulting

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Brief History of Crisis Management and Crisis Communication: From Organizational Practice to Academic Discipline

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Fremtidige udfordringer for offentlig ledelse og strategisk kommunikation

Salomonsen, Heidi Houlberg (red.). Offentlig ledelse og strategisk kommunikation

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The Nordic Communications Report 2022

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Buhmann, Alexander; Linke, Jeanne, Frandsen, Finn, Zerfass, Ansgar, Luoma-aho, Vilma & Falkheimer, Jesper (2021)

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