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Morten Huse

Professor - Department of Communication and Culture

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Full time professor position at BI Norwegian Business School since 2002, but I have had periods of part time leave. My PhD (dr.oecon) is from NHH in Bergen.

"Life is too short to drink bad wine".  This is a reminder to give priority to the most important things. I want to make a contribution through my research, to individuals, business and society, and the best way to do that is by working with junior faculty and PhD students. My working environment is a virtual organization - connecting to people from all over the world. This has also led me to make presentations on important arenas (including various Parliaments and main international newspapers, etc), and I have been teaching at universities in more than 20 countries.

My present research agenda contains three main topics. They are all embedded within the integration of theory and practice - and venturesome research designs.
- Contributing to value creating boards with a focus on understanding actual board behavior, board processes, dynamics and how boards may contribute in the future. The digital transformation of society is a core factor for understanding the future of boards and corporations. (The value creating board research stream)
- Contributing to gender equality in business and society with a focus on questions around getting women on boards. The research agenda about getting women on boards contains observations of actors, their motivations and their interactions.
- Contributing to developing a "sharing" philosophy of doing management research.  I share the concerns presented by leaders of the leading acacemies of management (e.g. AoM and EURAM) about  how the present focus on publishing may take attention away from doing good research. Research is much more than cracking the codes of getting into premiere journals.

I was at Witten/Herdecke University in Germany: Head, hands and heart - a holistic approach to research and teaching. I accepted in 2012 a five year late career position as chairholder at the Reinhard Mohn Endowment Chair for Management, Business Ethics and Societal Change. This private university is built on anthroposophic values. It showed me the importance of having lighthouse universities around in Europe. I had thus 2012-2017 part time leave from my position at BI.

After having been highly involved in the Academy of Management in USA (AoM) I appreciated the establishment of a European Academy of Management (EURAM), and I was its president 2010-2012. My overall objective in this period was to create a European based community of engaged management scholars.

During these years I spent considerable time in Italy and contributed to the internationalization of Italian universities. In management research. First at Bocconi, later many other places including Tor Vergata, Federico II and La Sapienza. I was also in the ASN commission evaluation professor tenure in organization studies.

The main position these years was at the Centre for Church Research, Oslo. Here I wrote six books about clergy and leadership in the church. At the same time I had and adjunct professor position at Halmstad/Lunds University. There I researched and teached about boards of directors in SMEs and venture capital based firms. In this period I was Director of International Programs at AoM, and my committee had the charge of making this academy international.

The main position in this period was at Nordland Research Institute in Bodø, Norway. The research agenda was about boards in SMEs, entrepreneurship and regional development. I had an adjunct position at Bodø Graduate School of Business (Nord University). During the end of this period I became President of the National Association of Corporate Directors (StyreAkademiet) in Norway. I completed my PhD about actual board behavior in 1994, and I got a positive evaluation as full professor in entrepreneurship from BI in 1995.

Several positions in business, ie. insurance (Norges Brannkasse/Uni Insurance), hotels (SAS Royal Hotel Bodø) and consulting (Bonitas/Arthur Young). I had also a short period as development aid worker in South Sudan before the civil war started in 1984. Lecturing strategic control at Bodø Graduate School of Business. I practiced as a strategy and boardroom consultant.

Scientific assistant at NHH (Bergen) and later involved in an action research project on church leadership (Oslo). Lecturing management at Norwegian Deaconal College.

Period of full time studies at NHH (siviløkonom 1976 + HAE 1978), but also religion studies at NLA, the University of Bergen and Menighetsfakultetet (Oslo). In this period I served in the military as a scout on the Norwegian/USSR border, and as a board representative for the army soldiers serving in the Northern part of Norway. Worked as temporary teacher at a local elementary schoo.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
1994 Norwegian School of Economics Ph.D Dr. Oecon.
1984 Various (University of Oslo, MF, ForsikringsAkademiet, University of Bergen) Other
1976 Norwegian School of Economics, NHH Master of Science in Business
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2002 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Professor
2015 - 2017 University of Witten/Herdecke Univ-Professor and Research Chair of Management and Governance
2012 - 2015 Witten/Herdecke University Reinhard Mohn Chair of Management and Governance
2002 - 2013 Hanken School of Economics Guest Researcher / Guest Professor
2006 - 2011 University of Rome, Tor Vergata Guest Researcher / Guest Professor
2001 - 2006 Bocconi University Guest Professor
1997 - 2002 Stiftelsen Kirkeforskning Researcher
1996 - 2001 University of Lund / Halmstad University Guest Professor
1996 - 2000 University of Jyväskylä Guest Professor
1989 - 1997 Nordland Research Institute PhD Candidate / Researcher
1988 - 1994 Bodø University College Assistant Professor
1986 - 1988 Bonitas Management Consulting (Arthur Young) Director & Partner
1986 - 1987 SAS International Hotels Director of Finance, Deputy CEO
1981 - 1986 Norges Brannkasse/Uni Forsikring Miscellaneous
1983 - 1984 Norwegian Church Aid Training Manager
1978 - 1981 Church of Norway Research
1978 - 1978 Norwegian School of Economics Research Assistant
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