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Peter Booth

Postdoctoral Fellow - Department of Communication and Culture


Peter Booth is postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Creative Industries at BI Norwegian Business School (since 2017). He received his PhD in Cultural Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, following studies in fine art, economics and finance at University of Melbourne, London School of Economics, and the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In his research, Peter is interested in cultural economics, theories of value, sociology of art and finance, and issues connecting arts, digitization and diversity. His post-doctoral fellowship is linked to the ‘Digitization and Diversity’ project, an element of the KULMEDIA research program that investigates connections between the role of cultural life and the media in society and the economic and technological framework underlying this.


Booth, Peter; Ogundipe, Anne & Røyseng, Sigrid (2019)

Museum leaders’ perspectives on social media

Museum Management and Curatorship Doi: 10.1080/09647775.2019.1638819

In the context of the shift towards participatory practices within museums, museum engagement with social media represents a form of organizational change. This study approaches social media and the corresponding organizational change from a museum leader’s perspective, utilizing data from a broad crosssection of 82 museums in Norway. We address how the characteristics of a museum and its leader impact social media attitudes, behaviors and intention towards social media-based change. Combining factor analysis and clustering techniques, we identify four museum leader ‘types’ who are primarily defined by their (1) perception of museum benefits from social media, (2) perception of own and museum support in social media activities, (3) perception of conflicts that arise from social media usage, and (4) social media-related values. With museums being asked to more fully embrace the participatory potential of social media, this study points to significant differences in readiness to change across museum leaders.

Gran, Anne-Britt; Vestberg, Nina Lager, Booth, Peter & Ogundipe, Anne (2018)

A digital museum's contribution to diversity - a user study

Museum Management and Curatorship, s. 1- 21. Doi: 10.1080/09647775.2018.1497528

Responding to the Norwegian cultural policy concern of diversity, this article presents the results from three data sets that capture user background, behaviour, values and opinions regarding the digital portal for museum objects, images and stories, DigitaltMuseum. Specifically, the exploratory research draws data from a ‘population’ survey of digital consumption in Norway, a DigitaltMuseum user survey, and device and usage data captured by Google Analytics. Designed, where possible, to capture a user’s perspective, the three data sources describe who uses the digital platform, their content preferences, motivation for using the platform, and what they ultimately do with material found. Although there is evidence that the findings are representative of a super-user group, the results nevertheless indicate that DigitaltMuseum is contributing to cultural diversity in terms of content, purpose for usage, and dissemination. For policymakers and administrators of online museum platforms, the study demonstrates the platform’s contribution to expanded diversity.

Booth, Peter & Klamer, Arjo (2017)

The valorization of art: what artists are up against

Buckley, Brad & Conomos, John (red.). Who Runs the Artworld: Money, Power and Ethics

Booth, Peter (2016)

The speculative social role of art and finance

European Journal of Cultural Studies, 21(2), s. 130- 147. Doi: 10.1177/1367549416657090

Booth, Peter & Gabrielsen, Stian (2018)

Finansens estetiske muligheter

Kunstkritikk.no [Fagblad]

Booth, Peter; Røyseng, Sigrid & Ogundipe, Anne (2018)

Museums on social media: a typology of their leaders’ attitudes, behaviors, and strategies

[Academic lecture]. 20th International Conference on Cultural Economics, ACEI.

Gran, Anne-Britt; Booth, Peter & Vestberg, Nina Lager (2018)

Digitaltmuseum.no DnD-rapport nr. 3.

[Report]. Handelshøyskolen BI, Centre for Creative Industries.

Booth, Peter (2016)

Mer enn det som er / More than this

[Article in business/trade/industry journal]. Kunstkritikk.no

Booth, Peter (2016)

Valuation-Linked Morality and Decisions in Art and Finance

[Academic lecture]. 19th International Conference on Cultural Economics.

Booth, Peter (2014)

Autonomous finance and heteronomous art? How the professions of banking and art are converging

[Academic lecture]. 18th International Conference on Cultural Economics.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
2017 Erasmus University Rotterdam PhD
2009 Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Kunstakademiet, Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo) M.A.
1999 London School of Economics and Political Science MSc in Finance & Economics
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2017 - Present BI Norwegaian Business School Assistant professor