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Ragnhild Kristine Olsen

PhD Candidate - Department of Communication and Culture


Olsen, Ragnhild & Solvoll, Mona K (2018)

Bouncing off the Paywall – Understanding Misalignments Between Local Newspaper Value Propositions and Audience Responses

JMM - The International Journal on Media Management, s. 1- 19. Doi: 10.1080/14241277.2018.1529672

Olsen, Ragnhild & Solvoll, Mona K (2018)

Reinventing the business model for local newspapers by building walls

Journal of Media Business Studies, 15(1), s. 24- 41. Doi: 10.1080/16522354.2018.1445160

Using a business model lens, we analyse local newspapers’ paywall strategies and ask how monetisation has affected the newspapers’ offerings to users and advertisers. Based on interviews with 20 local newspapers in Norway, findings suggest that paywalls represent two different strategies: A brake strategy in the user market, whereby the newspaper targets existing customers with bundled and differentiated products to secure subscription revenue and protect print from web cannibalisation. In addition, an acceleration strategy, in the advertiser market, focused on improving services with more relevant and valuable audiences and user behaviour insights from user data harvesting. Local newspapers have been relatively successful with balancing these two strategies, providing some optimism on paywalls’ potential contribution to the funding of local journalism.

Olsen, Ragnhild (2015)

Relevans og kundeorientering som redaksjonell kvalitetsnorm

Vaagan, Robert Wallace & Barland, Jens (red.). Entreprenørskap og ledelse i media

Olsen, Ragnhild (2012)

Redaksjonell kvalitet. Kvalitetssikring, evaluering og måling av journalistikk


Olsen, Ragnhild (2017)

Knuser Facebook lokalavisene?


Olsen, Ragnhild; Bech-Karlsen, Jo & Hjeltnes, Guri (2010)

Kanalvalgets kvaler

Dagens næringsliv [Kronikk]

Olsen, Ragnhild (2010)

Ny hverdag, nye krav

Dagens næringsliv [Kronikk]

Olsen, Ragnhild (2010)

Balansegang i nytt landskap

Dagens næringsliv [Kronikk]

Olsen, Ragnhild; Bech-Karlsen, Jo & Hjeltnes, Guri (2007)

Kommer nett og papir til å møtes?

Dagens næringsliv [Kronikk]

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine (2017)

THUMBS UP TO TRUST? Understanding users’ relationship to algorithmic filtering and Facebook’s trustworthiness as local news source

[Academic lecture]. Future of Journalism 2017, Cardiff Sep. 14-15: TRUST AND THE MEDIA.

As local newspapers are struggling to secure revenue streams and fund their journalistic production, Facebook is taking a prominent position as local news source by providing personalized news feeds based on algorithmic filtering. Given local newspapers’ civic role as providers of trustworthy information this paper explores Facebook’s potential to fill this role by mapping user trust and attitudes towards algorithmic filtering. Based on a national survey in Norway (N=1586) this survey identifies a substantial gap between trust and use of Facebook, particularly among young people, and general scepticism towards algorithmic filtering

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine (2017)

Global giants, local liaisons – Diversity of local media experiences and policy implications

[Academic lecture]. NoPSA 2017 XVIII Nordic Political Science Congress, The 2nd European Symposium on Media Policy.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine & Solvoll, Mona K (2017)

The Potential of Paywalls to Attract New Subscribers? Business Models in Local Online Norwegian Newspapers

[Academic lecture]. EMMA 2017.

The topic of this paper is the introduction of paywalls in ultra local online newspapers. Our analysis apply a double lens approach: First, we investigate what value proposition the newspapers offer, based on interviews with commercial leaders in 20 Norwegian local newspapers. Second, we explore how users received this value proposition in terms of attitude and use, based on national survey data from 1586 respondents among local media users. Our findings suggest that the newspapers apply a problematic preservation strategy as valuable customers, such as young segments, do not subscribe to the newspapers and are locked out by the paywall. Other customers who have access to paywalled content, such as older print subscribers, have reduced the time spent on reading online local news. Online local news is not perceived as valuable, niche content worth paying for, despite overall high news interest. We argue the paywall is a shortsighted defensive, business model innovation, which drives away younger readers and pave the road for substitute offerings. These findings give cause for concern as a thinner use of local newspapers may result in a less informed local citizenry.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine (2016)

Reinventing Business Models for Newspapers by Building Walls

[Academic lecture]. Medieforskerkonferansen 2016.

Olsen, Ragnhild (2015)

Kun for dine øyne - Personalisering av redaksjonelt innhold i nettaviser

Hornmoen, Harald; Roksvold, Thore & Alnæs, Jørgen (red.). Individet i journalistikken

Barland, Jens & Olsen, Ragnhild (2015)

Hvordan oppfatter leserne innholdsmarkedsføring?

[Academic lecture]. Gull & Gråstein.

Olsen, Ragnhild (2010)

På nett med fremtiden

[Popular scientific article]. SKUP 1990-2010

Olsen, Ragnhild (2009)

Innovasjon - den store utfordringen i mediehuset

[Popular scientific article]. Redaktørinstituttets status 2009 Årbok fra Norsk Redaktørforening

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1996 University of Oslo Master