Faculty Profile

Christian Riis

Professor - Department of Economics


Gilbert, Richard; Riis, Christian & Riis, Erlend S (2018)

Stepwise innovation by an oligopoly

International Journal of Industrial Organization, 61, s. 413- 438. Doi: 10.1016/j.ijindorg.2018.10.001

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Regulating the Norwegian Telecommunications Market in 2016: How Much is Necessary?

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An equilibrium characterization of an all-pay auction with certain and uncertain prizes.

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Petroleum Taxation Contingent on Counter-factual Investment Behaviour

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Petroleum taxation and investment behaviour

IAEE International Conference

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Efficient Contests

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Policy Reversal

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Rational benevolence in small committees

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Rational benevolence in small committees

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Contingent Payments in Selection Contests

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Contingent payment in contests

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Regulation and competition in the Norwegian telecommunication market

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Dalen, Dag Morten; Moen, Espen R. & Riis, Christian (2006)

Contract renewal and incentives in public procurement

International Journal of Industrial Organization, 24(2), s. 269- 285.

This paper explores how the government's choice of renewal policy in public procurement programs can be used as a mechanism to provide firms with incentives to supply quality. A public service is produced by several firms. The firms participate in a tournament where they are ranked according to the quality of their services, and rewarded in terms of contract renewals. We analyse the firms' incentives to produce high-quality services, and find that they are maximised if 50% of the contracts are renewed. The optimal renewal policy trades off incentive provision (which requires that a relatively large fraction of the firms are replaced each period) against the entry costs of new firms. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Clark, Derek J. & Riis, Christian (2001)

Rank Order Tournaments and Selections

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Norwegian cohort emigration

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Public Ownership as a Signalling Device

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The Role of Asymmetry in a Competitive Bribery Game

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Influence and the Discretionary Allocation of Several Prizes

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Contest Success Functions: An Extension

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Riis, Christian & Clark, Derek (1998)

Competition Over More Than One Prize

?, 88(1)

Riis, Christian & Rødseth, Asbjørn (1998)

Markeder, ressurser og fordeling

Ad Notam Gyldendal.

Moen, Espen R. & Riis, Christian (1998)

Investeringer i kunnskap

Markeder, ressurser og fordeling

Riis, Christian & Moen, Espen Rasmus (2017)

Skattelette? Hvilken skattelette?

Dagens næringsliv [Kronikk]

Riis, Christian & Moen, Espen R (2011)

Moderne mikroøkonomi

[Textbook]. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Riis, Christian & Moen, Espen R. (2010)

Moderne mikroøkonomi - kompendieutgave

[Textbook]. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Riis, Christian (2009)

Cumulative Innovation and Exclusive Patent Policy

[Academic lecture]. Presentasjon på Universitetet i Oslo.

Clark, Derek John & Riis, Christian (2004)

Rational Benevolence in Small Committees

[Academic lecture]. WZB Conference "Advances in Auction Theory".

Riis, Christian (2000)

Competitive Bidding and Incentives to Provide Quality

[Academic lecture]. ASSET 1999.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
1992 University of Oslo Ph.D Dr. Polit.
1984 University of Oslo Master Cand. Oecon
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2010 - Present University of Oslo Adjunct professor
2001 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Professor
1996 - 2005 University of Tromsø Adjunct professor
1998 - 2001 BI Norwegian Business School Associate professor
1991 - 1998 SNF-Oslo Researcher
1996 - 1997 University of Oslo Associate professor (temporary position)
1985 - 1990 University of Oslo Research Scholar