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Thomas Størdal Gundersen

Adjunct Associate Professor - Department of Economics



Gundersen, Thomas Størdal (2020)

The impact of U.S. supply shocks on the global oil price

Energy Journal, 41(1), s. 151- 174. Doi: 10.5547/01956574.41.1.tgun - Full text in research archive

I examine the role of the U.S. shale oil boom in driving global oil prices. Using a structural vector autoregressive (SVAR) model that identifies separate oil supply shocks for the U.S. and OPEC, I find that U.S. supply shocks can account for up to 13% of the oil price variation over the 2003-2015 period. This is considerably more than what has been found in other studies. Moreover, while U.S. oil production has increased substantially since 2010, U.S. oil supply shocks first started to contribute negatively to oil prices beginning in late 2013. This mismatch implies a temporary friction in the transmission of U.S. supply shocks to the rest of the world likely caused by logistical and technological challenges observed in the downstream supply chain.

Gundersen, Thomas Størdal; Quaghebeur, Ewoud & Tretvoll, Håkon (2024)

NORA—A Microfounded Model for Fiscal Policy Analysis in Norway

[Report]. Statistisk sentralbyrå.

Bjertnæs, Geir Haakon Malterud; Boug, Pål, von Brasch, Thomas, Bye, Brita, Cappelen, Ådne, Fæhn, Taran, Graber, Michael, Gundersen, Thomas Størdal, Hammersland, Roger, Holmøy, Erling, Hungnes, Håvard, Jasinski, Marek, Kaushal, Kevin R., Kolsrud, Dag, Quaghebeur, Ewoud, Zhulanova Skretting, Julia, Stølen, Nils Martin, Tretvoll, Håkon & Vigtel, Trond Christian (2023)

Utfordringer for lønnsdannelsen og norsk økonomi - Utredning for Frontfagsmodellutvalget

[Report]. Statistisk sentralbyrå.

Gundersen, Thomas Størdal (2023)

The Price Responsiveness of Shale Producers: Evidence from Micro Data

[Academic lecture]. The IAAE 2023 Annual Conference.

Gundersen, Thomas Størdal & Hvinden, Even Comfort (2020)

OPEC's Crude Game: Evidence of pro- and countercyclical output regimes

[Academic lecture]. The 28th Annual Symposium of the Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics.

Gundersen, Thomas Størdal (2017)

The Impact of U.S. Supply Shocks on the Global Oil Price

[Academic lecture]. CAMA Applied Macroeconomics Workshop 2017.

Gundersen, Thomas Størdal (2017)

The Impact of U.S. Supply Shocks on the Global Oil Price

[Academic lecture]. 27th Annual Meeting of the Midwest Econometrics Group.

Gundersen, Thomas Størdal (2017)

The Impact of U.S. Supply Shocks on the Global Oil Price

[Academic lecture]. 4th Annual Conference of the International Association for Applied Econometrics.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
2021 BI Norwegian Business School Ph.D.
2016 Handelshøyskolen BI Master of Science
2014 BI Norwegian Business School B.B.A.
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2022 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Associate Professor
2022 - Present Statistics Norway Researcher
2020 - 2021 BI Norwegian Business School Lecturer
2016 - 2021 BI Norwegian Business School PhD Candidate
2018 - 2019 University of California San Diego Visiting scholar
2017 - 2017 University of Melbourne Visiting scholar