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Iva Parlov

Associate Professor - Department of Law and Governance


Iva Parlov is an associate professor at BI Norwegian Business School, Department of Law and Governance. Her professional competence and interests lie in the domain of shipping, both from the perspective of private law and in the public law context (international maritime law and law of the sea). Iva is the author of the monograph Coastal State Jurisdiction over Ships in Need of Assistance, Maritime Casualties and Shipwrecks (Brill 2022; book review by Professor Nick Gaskell available here: Ocean Yearbook 37 | Brill), and has been continuously publishing her research in journals and collected works. She has participated in several international academies including the International Foundation of the Law of the Sea Academy, Hamburg and the Hague Academy of International Law, and was a visiting researcher at the Scandinavian Institute for Maritime Law. During her PhD studies, Iva undertook an internship at the International Maritime Organization in London. Whereas currently in academia, Iva has experience as a practicing lawyer too. She worked for two major law firms specializing in maritime law in Croatia, where she advised clients in domestic, international and EU matters concerning shipping, and where she contributed to professional publications, such as Getting the Deal Through. Iva holds a PhD in the law of the sea (UiT- the Arctic University of Norway), a LL.M degree in international maritime law (cum laude; IMO International Maritime Law Institute, Malta), and a master degree in law (mag iur. cum laude; Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka, Croatia).

Area of Expertise


Parlov, Iva (2023)

Can the International Regulatory Framework on Ships’ Routing, Ship Reporting, and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Accommodate Marine Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS)?: Exploring the Autonomy-Neutral Character of the Existing Regulations

Ocean Development and International Law, 54(2), s. 163- 180. Doi: 10.1080/00908320.2023.2211781 - Full text in research archive

Parlov, Iva (2022)

Coastal State Jurisdiction over Ships in Need of Assistance, Maritime Casualties and Shipwrecks


Parlov, Iva (2022)

The 2007 Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks: The Implications for the Law of the Sea

Ocean Yearbook, 36(1), s. 659- 679. Doi: 10.1163/22116001-03601021

Gaunce, Julia Martha; Solski, Jan Jakub, Parlov, Iva & Neves, Maria Madalena das (2021)

Anthropocentric Ocean Connectivity: A Pluralistic Legal-Regulatory Model

Arctic Review on Law and Politics, 12, s. 222- 237. Doi: 10.23865/ARCTIC.V12.3293 - Full text in research archive

Mandic, Nikola & Parlov, Iva (2015)

Public Transport in Linear Shipping and Occasion Coastal Maritime Traffic: Legal Sources (Croatian legislation)

Poredbeno pomorsko pravo, 54(169), s. 275- 308.

Parlov, Iva (2023)

International conference on "Safe, Secure and Sustainable Shipping" - moderator of a panel on continental shelf issues

[Academic lecture]. 46th Annual Conference on Ocean law and Policy.

Parlov, Iva (2023)

Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) from the Perspective of the Law of the Sea and State Jurisdiction: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Commercial Shipping?

[Academic lecture]. Autonomous Ship Expo 2023.

Parlov, Iva (2023)

Hybrid Threats and Autonomous Ships: Legal Challenges from the Perspective of Coastal States

[Academic lecture]. Tallinn Conference on the Law of the Sea and Hybrid Warfare (LOSFARE).

Parlov, Iva (2023)

The Developing International Law on Maritime Casualties: How Far Have We Come and Where Are We Heading To?

[Academic lecture]. International Conference on Maritime Law.

Parlov, Iva (2023)

Autonomous ships

[Academic lecture]. Nordic Maritime Law Gathering.

Parlov, Iva (2021)

MASS in the context of ships’ routeing, reporting [and vessel traffic services]: Exploring jurisdictional challenges and opportunities

[Academic lecture]. Internal seminar.

Parlov, Iva (2021)

Problematizing Sovereignty While Introducing Marine Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) into the Law of the Sea Framework and Such Regulatory Areas and Ships’ Routeing, Ship Reporting and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

[Academic lecture]. Aurora Conference.

Jakobsen, Ingvild Ulrikke; Woker, Hilde & Parlov, Iva (2021)

Launch of a New Research Project at NCLOS: Developing Good Ocean Governance of the Arctic in Times of Unpredictable and Rapid Changes (DOGA)

[Article in business/trade/industry journal]. NCLOS Blog

Johansen, Elise; Poto, Margherita Paola, Parlov, Iva, Andreassen, Ingrid Solstad, Lott, Alexander, Solski, Jan Jakub, Enyew, Endalew Lijalem, Gjerde, Kristina, Harden-Davies, Harriet & Santosuosso, Amedeo (2021)

Ocean Connectivity and Law

[Academic lecture]. International Webinar.

Parlov, Iva (2018)

The Wreck Removal Convention: Issues of Implementation and Application

[Academic lecture]. The International Maritime Organization and Implementation.

Parlov, Iva (2017)

Coastal State Powers in Dealing with Maritime Casualties and Shipwrecks, reflection on Post-UNCLOS Developments

[Academic lecture]. International Seminar: At-sea Enforcement and Naval Warfare.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
2020 UiT the Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Law PhD in Law
2013 IMO International Maritime Law Institute, Malta Master of Laws
2011 University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law Master of Laws
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2023 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Associate professor
2020 - 2023 UiT the Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Law, Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea Postdoctoral researcher (teaching included)
2022 - 2022 UiT the Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Law, Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea LL.M Academic director
2016 - 2020 UiT the Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Law, Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea PhD Candidate (teaching included)
2013 - 2016 Vukic&Partners Law Firm Associate
2011 - 2012 Macesic&Partners Law Firm Junior Associate (Trainee)