Employee Profile

Hallvard Føllesdal

Associate Professor - Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour


Hallvard Føllesdal is associate professor of organizational psychology at the Department of Leadership and Organizational Management. He has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Oslo, on emotional intelligence and leadership. In his thesis, he questioned the validity of scores from a recognized test of emotional intelligence, along with the underlying theory. He has previously worked as a lecturer in personality psychology at the University of Oslo, and with leadership and organizational development in public administration.

Research areas
Measurement of individual differences in the workplace:
personality, leadership, emotions, and well-being at work

Teaching areas
Organizational behavior
Measurement of psychological constructs


Føllesdal, Hallvard & Soto, Christopher J (2022)

The Norwegian Adaptation of the Big Five Inventory-2

Frontiers in Psychology, 13 Doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.858920 - Full text in research archive

Føllesdal, Hallvard (2016)

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Føllesdal, Hallvard & Hagtvet, Knut Arne (2013)

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Ledere: The great pretenders

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Føllesdal, Hallvard (2019)

The Big Five (BFI-2) and empathy as predictors of transformational leadership: A multilevel study

[Academic lecture]. 3rd World Conference on Personality.

Føllesdal, Hallvard (2018)

Self vs. other ratings of personality as predictors of group cohesion.

[Academic lecture]. 19th European Conference on Personality, July 17th-21st, 2018, Zadar, Croatia..

Føllesdal, Hallvard (2016)

Observer ratings of personality and leadership emergence: A multi-level approach

[Academic lecture]. 31st International Congress of Psychology.

Føllesdal, Hallvard (2016)

Meta-accuracy and Authentic Leadership: An Intervention Study

[Academic lecture]. 2nd World Conference on Personality.

Føllesdal, Hallvard (2015)

Ledelse av følelser.

[Popular scientific article]. Kapital

Føllesdal, Hallvard (2015)

Transformational Leadership: A Multilevel CFA of Item Scores from the MLQ-5X

[Academic lecture]. EAWOP 2015.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
2008 University of Oslo Ph.D.
1997 University of Oslo Master Cand. Psychol.
1991 University of Oslo Master of Arts
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2009 - Present BI Nowegian Business School Associate Professor
2005 - 2008 University of Oslo Lecturer
2002 - 2005 University of Oslo Research Fellow
2003 - 2004 Yale University, Department of Psychology Visiting Scholar
2001 - 2002 BI Norwegian Business School Research Fellow
1999 - 2001 Akershus County Council Organizational Psychologist
1997 - 1999 Norwegian Road Administration Office Higher Executive Office
1997 - 1997 The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration Psychologist