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Linzhuo Wang

Associate Professor - Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour


Wang, Linzhuo; Wang, Xinnan & Liu, Xuemei (2024)

Project Governance and Governance of Interorganizational Project Networks: Toward Understanding Their Relationships and Future Research Agenda

Project Management Journal Doi: 10.1177/87569728241241506

Müller, Ralf Josef & Wang, Linzhuo (2024)

A Taxonomy of Project Management Offices and Their Organizational Project Management Landscapes

Project Management Journal Doi: 10.1177/87569728231220628

Organizational project management (OPM) integrates project-related activities in organizations, including project management offices (PMOs) and their services. Using an organizational design perspective, this study models nine different PMO service delivery categories along scope, frequency, and delivery entity and identifies their particular OPM contexts (i.e., landscapes). Two hundred and sixty-five responses to a global survey identified nine types of OPM landscapes, grouped into three regions, with their particular logic of investment in OPM and their particular PMO service mix. The framework helps practitioners set up their PMOs in line with established practices. Academics benefit from a base for theorizing organizational designs using OPM.

Wang, Linzhuo; Wang, Xinnan & Zhu, Fangwei (2023)

Toward a theory of resilience governance: insights from megaprojects in China

Müller, Ralf Josef; Sankaran, Shankar & Drouin, Nathalie (red.). Research Handbook on the Governance of Projects

The global pandemic and the economic downturn have raised scholarly and practical concerns about project resilience. The growing literature on resilience management in projects calls for research on improving project resilience through governance measures. In this chapter, we theorize resilience governance by generating insights from four case megaprojects in China. The results reveal that for projects to be resilient, project participants are encouraged to form a loosely coupled system. A resilience governance model encompassing multilevel governance (macro, meso, and micro level) and mixed governance mechanisms (contractual, relational, and hierarchical governance) is proposed. Practical and theoretical contributions are discussed.

Daniel, Carole; Hülsheger, Ute R., Kudesia, Ravi S., Sankaran, Shankar & Wang, Linzhuo (2023)

Mindfulness in projects

Project Leadership and Society (PLS), 4 Doi: 10.1016/j.plas.2023.100086

Over the last decade, the ability to manage unforeseen or complex situations has been recognized as a key skill for project managers. Project management has been conceptualized as a problem in information, insofar as project performance depends on the ability to capture the information needed to make the right decisions in a context where this information is limited and sometimes changing. Mindfulness—the study of which has exploded in the management sciences over the last 20 years—may prove highly relevant as a meta-cognitive practice for improving the individual and collective performance of project stakeholders. This essay aims at sparking new avenues for research at the crossroads of mindfulness and projects and highlights promising research questions along seven research themes to be addressed in future studies. In this way, we hope to arouse the interest of researchers from the project and mindfulness communities and, thus, contribute to the structuring of mindfulness research in project contexts.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
2020 Dalian University of Technology (China) Doctoral of Philosophy