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Mathias Hansson

Adjunct Associate Professor - Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour


Vaagen, Hajnalka; Borgen, Eirik Kristoffer & Hansson, Mathias (2016)

A social-behavioural approach to project work under uncertainty

IFAC-PapersOnLine, 49(12), s. 203- 208. Doi: 10.1016/j.ifacol.2016.07.596

Engineering responsiveness is prerequisite to organisational success in dynamically changing engineer-to-order projects, such as specialised vessel construction. Creating flexibility by solving the true project planning complexity is difficult due to the involved uncertainties and dynamics, and classical models lack the flexibility necessary to adequately handle uncertainty. Model-based approaches are, therefore, frequently replaced by informal team processes and judgmental decision making, often demonstrating innovative solutions not visible within traditional approaches. We suggest that the core practice in handling uncertainty in technologically complex large projects is neither imposed by established hierarchies nor model-based decision support, but evolves from the lower level social-behavioural structures, and extend the scope of research to include behavioural characteristics in social networks of project work. We demonstrate a way to study and better align the social capital to enable project responsiveness; by e.g. identifying symptoms of dysfunctional information transfer, and key influencers which will make a change project successful. The main purpose is to gain familiarity with the social phenomena involved, in order to formulate a more precise problem.

Hansson, Mathias; Hærem, Thorvald & Pentland, Brian T. (2018)

Simplify or complexify? Patterns of action as antecedents of team performance.

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management Annual Conferance.

Hansson, Mathias; Pentland, Brian T. & Hærem, Thorvald (2017)

Identifying Mid-Range Patterns of Action: Tools for the Analysis of Organizational Routines

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management.

Bakken, Bjørn T.; Hansson, Mathias & Hærem, Thorvald (2016)

Interaction Effects of Intuitive and Analytic Cognitive Styles on Decision Making Performance

[Academic lecture]. DRAWKCAB KNIHT: Reflection and learning in organizations.

Vaagen, Hajnalka; Borgen, Eirik Kristoffer & Hansson, Mathias (2016)

The social-behavioural drivers of responsiveness in engineer-to-order projects

[Academic lecture]. the 8th IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control.

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2018 BI Norwegian Business School PhD
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2018 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Assistant professor
2013 - 2018 BI Norwegian Business School PhD Candidate