Faculty Profile

Adeline Holmedahl Hvidsten

PhD Candidate - Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Hvidsten, Adeline & Hungnes, Tonje (2018)

A controversy of interpretation: emergent agencies in repurposing Aker Local Hospital

Hoholm, Thomas; La Rocca, Antonella & Aanestad, Margunn (red.). Controversies in Healthcare Innovation. Service, Technology and Organization

La Rocca, Antonella; Hvidsten, Adeline & Hoholm, Thomas (2016)

Making innovations work locally: the role of creativity

Škerlavaj, Miha; Černe, Matej, Dysvik, Anders & Carlsen, Arne (red.). Capitalizing on creativity at work: Fostering the implementation of creative ideas in organizations

Hungnes, Tonje & Hvidsten, Adeline (2016)

More than sum of its parts? Controversies arising in development of a health arena

[Academic lecture]. OLKC (Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities) Conference.

Hvidsten, Adeline; Hoholm, Thomas & La Rocca, Antonella (2015)

Projects in networks: Implementing communication technology across multiple health care organizations

[Academic lecture]. The IMP Conference.

La Rocca, Antonella; Hoholm, Thomas & Hvidsten, Adeline (2014)

Intra- and inter-organizational forces in health care innovation: Literature review and research agenda

[Academic lecture]. European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS).

Hvidsten, Adeline; La Rocca, Antonella & Hoholm, Thomas (2014)

The role of artefacts in the coordination of home care services

[Academic lecture]. STS Italia.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
2014 Handelshøyskolen BI Master of Science
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2014 - Present BI Norwegian Business School PhD Candidate