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Adeline Holmedahl Hvidsten

PhD Candidate - Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Hvidsten, Adeline & Hungnes, Tonje (2018)

A controversy of interpretation: emergent agencies in repurposing Aker Local Hospital

Hoholm, Thomas; La Rocca, Antonella & Aanestad, Margunn (red.). Controversies in Healthcare Innovation. Service, Technology and Organization

In Chapter 8, Hungnes and Hvidsten explore how closing a local hospital generated a controversy related to repurposing the hospital’s buildings. The authors focus on the attempt to establish a health arena, which involves co-locating actors from different organizations in the public health sector, following national reform. Six years after the closure of the hospital, the establishment of a health arena was still an ongoing process. Inspired by Social Construction of Technology, the authors argue that this controversy was powered by the ‘interpretive flexibility’ of Aker’s buildings following public issues. Enriching SCOT with the Actor-Network Theory, the authors find that actors mobilized different agencies (physical, historical and regulative) in an attempt to close the controversy in favour of their own interpretation

La Rocca, Antonella; Hvidsten, Adeline & Hoholm, Thomas (2016)

Making innovations work locally: the role of creativity

Škerlavaj, Miha; Černe, Matej, Dysvik, Anders & Carlsen, Arne (red.). Capitalizing on creativity at work: Fostering the implementation of creative ideas in organizations

Hungnes, Tonje & Hvidsten, Adeline (2016)

More than sum of its parts? Controversies arising in development of a health arena

[Academic lecture]. OLKC (Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities) Conference.

Hvidsten, Adeline; Hoholm, Thomas & La Rocca, Antonella (2015)

Projects in networks: Implementing communication technology across multiple health care organizations

[Academic lecture]. The IMP Conference.

La Rocca, Antonella; Hoholm, Thomas & Hvidsten, Adeline (2014)

Intra- and inter-organizational forces in health care innovation: Literature review and research agenda

[Academic lecture]. European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS).

Hvidsten, Adeline; La Rocca, Antonella & Hoholm, Thomas (2014)

The role of artefacts in the coordination of home care services

[Academic lecture]. STS Italia.

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Year Academic Department Degree
2014 Handelshøyskolen BI Master of Science
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2014 - Present BI Norwegian Business School PhD Candidate