Employee Profile

Ellen Elisabeth Altenborg

Associate Professor - Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Meyer, Christine B. & Altenborg, Ellen Elisabeth (2019)

A place in space - Unlocking virtual clusters in the gaming industry

Benito, Gabriel R G & Lunnan, Randi (red.). Voyages of a Scholar: Navigating Companies, Channels, and Clusters

Meyer, Christine B. & Altenborg, Ellen Elisabeth (2008)

Incompatible strategies in international mergers: the failed merger between Telia and Telenor

Journal of International Business Studies, 39(3), s. 508- 525. Doi: 10.1057/palgrave.jibs.8400354

The aim of this paper is to explore the problems of incompatible strategies in international mergers. Studying a failed merger between the two state-owned Scandinavian telecom corporations, we examine how the parties' strategies were incompatible. We find that the parties' strategies were incompatible in three distinctive areas, and study how the companies tried to resolve these incompatibilities. Owing to national governance structures established to protect national interests, the parties were unable to resolve these strategic incompatibilities.