Faculty Profile

Heidetraut Von Weltzien Høivik

Professor emerita - Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Ditlev-Simonsen, Caroline Dale; Høivik, Heidi von Weltzien & Ihlen, Øyvind (2015)

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Moral Leadership in Action

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Finnes det etikkfrie soner i næringslivet?

?, s. 56- 67.

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The Moral Aspects of Work: A European Perspective

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Høivik, Heidi von Weltzien (1)

The heart of leadership is ethics

Impresa Progetto: Electronic Journal of Management [Kronikk]

Høivik, Heidi von Weltzien (2013)

Importance of Creativity and Morality for Leadership of Corporate Responsibility (CSR)

[Academic lecture]. Vitenskapelig konferanse.

Høivik, Heidi von Weltzien (2010)

SMEs owner-manager perception of Business Ethics and CSR

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management Annual Conference.

Høivik, Heidi von Weltzien (2009)

What characterizes Norwegian SMEs managers’ cognition with regard to CSR and Business Ethics?

[Academic lecture]. EBEN annual conference.

Hoivik, Heidi von Weltzien (2005)

Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and a Harmonious Society

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Hoivik, Heidi von Weltzien (2002)

Moral Leadership in Action,Building and Sustaining Moral Competence in European Organizations

[Scientific book]. Edward Elgar.

Høivik, Heidi von Weltzien (1999)

Ta moralske hensyn

[Popular scientific article]. ?

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
1991 Harvard University Graduate School of Education Other
1972 University of Colorado Ph.D.
1968 University of Colorado M.A.
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2009 - 2013 Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Guest Professor
1985 - 2012 BI Norwegian Business School Professor
1995 - 1997 Tel Aviv Business School Guest Professor
1989 - 1994 BI Norwegian Business School Vice President/ Provost
1987 - 1989 BI Norwegian Business School Head of the Department
1976 - 1985 Kongsvinger Gymnas Lektor
1973 - 1975 University of Colorado Academic Advisor
1971 - 1973 University of Denver Business School Assistent Professor
1968 - 1971 University of Colorado Research Associate