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Øystein D. Fjeldstad

Professor - Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Snow, Charles C. & Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik (2023)

Designing Adaptive Organizations

Cambridge University Press.

Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik & Wathne, Kenneth Henning (2022)

Business models and B2B governance Research

Lilien, Gary; Petersen, Andrew & Wuyts, Stefan (red.). Handbook of business to business marketing

Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik; Johnson, Julie K., Margolis, Peter A., Seid, Michael, Höglund, Pär & Batalden, Paul B. (2020)

Networked health care: Rethinking value creation in learning health care systems

Learning Health Systems (LHS) Doi: 10.1002/lrh2.10212 - Full text in research archive

Creating better value in health care service today is very challenging. The social pressure to do so is real for every health care system and its leadership. Real benefit has been achieved in manufacturing sector work by the use of “value-chain” thinking, which assumes that the work is a series of linked processes necessary to make a product. For those activities in health care systems that are similar, this model may be very helpful. Attempts to “install” the value chain widely in health care systems have, however, been frustrating. As a result, well-meaning leaders seeking better value have resorted to programs of cost reduction, rather than service redesign. Professionals have not been very happy or willing participants. The work of health care service invites an expanded model of value creation, one that better matches the work. This paper proposes a networked architecture that can mobilize and integrate the resources of health care professionals, interested patients, family, and other community members in the delivery and improvement of health care systems. It also suggests how this value-creation architecture might contribute to research and the development of new knowledge. Two cases illustrate the proposed architecture and its implications for system design and practice, technology development, and roles and responsibilities of all actors involved in health care systems. We believe that this model better fits the need of making and improving health care services. This expanded understanding of how value is created invites attention by senior leaders, by those attempting to facilitate the improvement of current systems, by patients and clinicians involved in the daily work of health care service coproduction, by those charged with the preparation and formation of future professionals, by those who measure and conduct research in health care services, and by those leading policy, payment, and reimbursement systems.

Wathne, Kenneth Henning & Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik (2019)

Where do we go from here? The future of B2B governance research.

The journal of business & industrial marketing Doi: 10.1108/JBIM-10-2018-0308 - Full text in research archive

Purpose This paper aims to identify promising areas for future business to business (B2B) governance research. Design/methodology/approach This paper uses a theoretical approach. Findings Most governance research in marketing is conducted within the context of value chains (Porter 1985). There are great opportunities for governance researchers in marketing to improve the understanding of B2B relationships in problem solving and networking services. Moreover, rapid innovations taking place in networking services are changing the institutional environment across all forms of value creation. This in turn impacts how the nature and governance of relationships in the broader economy are understood. Originality/value The literature on B2B relationship governance is primarily rooted in one particular form of value creation, namely, the “value chain” (Porter, 1985). The authors examine whether the current conceptualization of B2B relationship governance is equally applicable for firms that have a different value creation logic and therefore engage in exchange relationships that differ in their object of exchange.

Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik (2018)

Value Creation, Business Models and Organization Design in a Digital World

Sasson, Amir (red.). At the Forefront, Looking Ahead: Research-Based Answers to Contemporary Uncertainties of Management

Snow, Charles C.; Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik & Langer, Arthur M (2017)

Designing the digital organization

Journal of Organization Design, 6(7) Doi: 10.1186/s41469-017-0017-y - Full text in research archive

Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik & Snow, Charles C. (2017)

Business Models and Organization Design

Long Range Planning, 51(1), s. 32- 39. Doi: 10.1016/j.lrp.2017.07.008 - Full text in research archive

Despite a voluminous literature, business model research continues to be plagued with problems. Those problems hinder theory development and make it difficult for managers to use research findings in their decision-making. In our article, we seek to make three contributions. First, we clarify the theoretical foundations of the business model concept and relate them to the five elements of a business model: customers, value propositions, product/service offerings, value creation mechanisms, and value appropriation mechanisms. A clear definition of a business model enables theory to develop systematically and provides coherent guidance to managers. Second, we suggest that value configuration is a contingency variable that should be included in future theorizing and model building. Each of the elements of a business model is affected by a firm's value configuration depending on whether the firm is a value chain, value shop, or value network. Third, we link business models to organization design. We show how organization design is affected by value configuration and how new collaborative organizational forms enable open and agile business models. We derive

Eriksson, Kent; Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik & Jónsson, Sara P. (2017)

Transaction services and SME internationalization: The effect of home and host country bank relationships on international investment and growth

International Business Review, 26(1), s. 130- 144. Doi: 10.1016/j.ibusrev.2016.06.001

Snow, Charles C. & Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik (2015)

Network paradigm: Applications in organizational science

Wright, James D. (red.). International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (Second Edition)

Phan, T. Binh; Engø-Monsen, Kenth & Fjeldstad, Øystein D. (2013)

Considering clustering measures: Third ties, means, and triplets

Social Networks, 35(3), s. 300- 308. Doi: 10.1016/j.socnet.2013.02.007

Fjeldstad, Øystein D. (2012)

Global connect: Creating value by networking customers

Eliassen, Kjell Arnold (red.). Business and politics in a new global order

Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Snow, Charles C., Miles, Raymond E. & Lettl, Christopher (2012)

The architecture of collaboration

Strategic Management Journal, 33(6), s. 734- 750. Doi: 10.1002/smj.1968

Snow, Charles C.; Fjeldstad, Øystein D., Lettl, Christopher & Miles, Raymond E. (2011)

Organizing Continuous Product Development and Commercialization: The Collaborative Community of Firms Model

Journal of Product Innovation Management, 28(1), s. 3- 16. Doi: 10.1111/j.1540-5885.2010.00777.x

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Designing Organizations to Meet 21st-Century Opportunities and Challenges

Organizational Dynamics, 39(2), s. 93- 103. Doi: 10.1016/j.orgdyn.2010.01.009

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Redesigning Organizations for the 21st Century: Lessons from the Global Shipping Industry

Organizational Dynamics, 39(2), s. 184- 193. Doi: 10.1016/j.orgdyn.2010.01.007

Fjeldstad, Øystein & Sasson, Amir (2010)

Membership Matters: On the Value of Being Embedded in Customer Networks

Journal of Management Studies, 47(6), s. 944- 966. Doi: 10.1111/j.1467-6486.2009.00901.x

Sasson, Amir & Fjeldstad, Øystein (2009)

Information-mediated network effects: network composition and customer benefit in the presence of information asymmetry

Strategic Organization, 7(4), s. 355- 386. Doi: 10.1177/1476127009346243

Fjeldstad, Øystein (2008)

Innovasjon i et verdinettverksperspektiv

Magma forskning og viten, 5(11), s. 18- 24.

Huemer, Lars & Fjeldstad, Øystein (2008)

Value configuration analysis. A new view of supply management

Jan Stentoft Arlbjørn, Árni Halldórsson, Marianne Jahre, Karen Spens (eds.), Northern Lights in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Eriksson, Kent; Fjeldstad, Øystein & Sasson, Amir (2007)

Knowledge of Inter-customer Relations as a Source of Value Creation and Commitment in Financial Service Firm's Intermediation

Service Industries Journal, 27(5), s. 563- 582.

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Regulation and competition in the Norwegian telecommunication market

Competition and Welfare: The Norwegian Experience, Lars Sørgaard (ed)

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Competitive Advantage and the Value Network Configuration: Making Decisions at a Swedish Life Insurance Company

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The Value System in Telecommunication

Liberalising European Telecommunication

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Expansion Del Modelo La Cadena De Valor: Estudio De La Conducta Competitiva en el Sector Europeo de Teloefonia Movil

?, 5(1), s. 61- 79.

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The Strategic Link Between Competition and Competencies

Formulating Competence-Based Strategy

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Configuring Value for Competitive Advantage: On Chains, Shops and Networks

Strategic Management Journal, 19(5)

Snow, Charles C.; Fjeldstad, Øystein D., Lettl, Christopher & Miles, Raymond E. (1)


Organizational Dynamics [Kronikk]

Snow, Charles C. & Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik (2023)

Modern Organizing

Snow, Charles C. & Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik (red.). Designing Adaptive Organizations

Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik & Snow, Charles C. (2023)

Actor-Oriented Organizing

Snow, Charles C. & Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik (red.). Designing Adaptive Organizations

Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik (2018)

Strategi Utgave 2

[Textbook]. Fagbokforlaget.

Kolbjørnsrud, Vegard & Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik (2018)

Organizing Large-Scale Distributed Problem Solving: the Case of Collaborative Drug Discovery

[Academic lecture]. Strategic Management Society Special Conference on Sharing Strategies for the Connected World.

Haanæs, Knut & Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik (2017)

Which business models are most affected by digital?

[Popular scientific article]. The Smart Manager

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Intra-firm Structure and Performance

[Academic lecture]. SMS conference.

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Network Service Innovation: Mobile Broadband, Clustering and Organization Performance

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

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[Textbook]. Fagbokforlaget.

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Collaborative drug discovery: Governing large-scale distributed problem solving

[Academic lecture]. 2nd SMS India Special Conference 2013.

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Using telephone network data to study the effects of socio demographics on ego network structure

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Competition with local network externalities

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Oppgjør og kompetansekrav

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Shaping Up Shipping: business models from an old industry with implications for modern globalization

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Expectation Formation and Market Growth in Mobile Communication Services

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Expectation Formationa and Growth

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Relation relevance and competitive advantage: Implications for international growth strategy in network economy

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Using Networks and Communities to Innovate and Commercialize

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From Strategic Planning to Strategizing and Organizing in Cyclical Processes - Strategic Management in KIFs

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Value Creation and Appropriation in Network Industries: Externalities from Servicing Related Customers

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Increasing the cake and splitting it too: interfirm relations through phases of technology and market development

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Verdiskaping og internasjonal konkurransedyktighet i norsk IKT-sektor

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The Strategic Link Between Competition and Competences

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Value Creation and Strategic Positioning in Petroleum Exploration: Assessing the Revelance of the Value Shop Model

[Report]. Handelshøyskolen BI.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
1987 University of Arizona, USA Ph.D.
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2007 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Professor Chair
2005 - 2006 BI Norwegian Business School Executive Director
2005 - 2005 BI Norwegian Business School Professor
1988 - 2004 BI Norwegian Business School Associate Professor