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Fred Erling Wenstøp

Professor Emeritus - Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


I graduated from the University of Oslo in 1969 as the first student to complete the new program in Cybernetics, which then was a specialization in the department of physics, probably because of the reliance on electronics in communication and control systems. The computers at that time were mostly analogue, not digital.

After graduation I joined BI which then was a very small business school, but with a keen interest in applying quantitative methods in business administration. This gave me the opportunity to apply for a Ford Foundation scholarship to pursue Ph.D. in the US, which brought me to University of California where I wrote a thesis on linguistic models of organizations based on fuzzy set theory.

Back at BI, I taught statistics and operations research, especially decision theory, and was eventually promoted to professor. I served several times as chair of my department, and started the development of BIs doktoral program where I was dean from 1995 to 2000. I have since 2015 been Professor Emeritus.

Research areas
My main area is the development and application of Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA), and my focus is ethical foundations of decision-making, the role of emotion and rationality in decision making, as well as the structuring of organizational values.I am now working with climate modelling in BI's Centre for Environmental Strategy.

Recent work:
Wenstøp SH; Wenstøp F. Operational reseach virtues in the face of climate change. EURO Journal on Decision Processes. 2016;4(1-2):53-72.

Randers J; Golüke U; Wenstøp F; Wenstøp S. A user-friendly earth system model of low complexity: the ESCIMO system dynamics model of global warming towards 2100. Earth Syst Dynam. 2016;7(4):831-50.

Ditlev-Simonsen CD; Wenstøp F. Attitudes towards ethical pension management among Norwegians. Beta Scandinavian Journal of Business Research. 2016;30(2):99-117.  

Wenstøp; Koppang, On operations research and value conflicts, Omega, Volume 37, Issue 6, December 2009, Pages 1109-1120. (With over 8,000 full text downloads since January 2009, this article, published in Omega, is currently in the top 10 most downloaded articles for the whole of ScienceDirect).

Wenstøp, F. 2005. Mindsets, rationality and emotion in Multi-criteria Decision Analysis. Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, 13, 161-172.
http://home.bi.no/fag87027/jmcda/wenstop1.pdf (pdf)

Wenstøp, F. 2012. A value structured approach to conflicts in environmental management. In: Holtzman, Y. (ed.) Operations Management. Intech.

Wenstøp, F. & Myrmel, A. 2006. Structuring organizational value statements (pdf), Management Research News, 29, 673 - 683.

Recent books:
Samset KF, Wenstøp FE. Smarte Valg: NKI-forlaget; 2016. 209 p.

Wenstøp, F. & Seip K. L. 2009. Verdier og valg, Oslo, Universitetsforlaget.

Seip, Knut Lehre, Wenstøp, Fred: A Primer on Environmental Decision-Making: An Integrative Quantitative Approach, 2006, Approx. 440 p., Hardcover ISBN: 1-4020-4073-3, 2006.

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Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
1975 University of California at Berkeley Ph.D.
1969 University of Oslo Master
1975 University of California at Berkeley Ph.D.
1969 University of Oslo Master
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2015 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Professor emeritus
1985 - 2015 BI Norwegian Business School Professor
2008 - 2011 BI Norwegian Business School Head of Department
1994 - 2000 BI Norwegian Business School Dean of Doctoral Programs
1990 - 1992 BI Norwegian Business School Head of Department
1987 - 1987 State University of New York Visiting Scholar
1983 - 1986 BI Norwegian Business School Head of Department
1984 - 1985 BI Norwegian Business School Associate Professor
1979 - 1984 BI Norwegian Business School Senior Lecturer
1975 - 1979 BI Norwegian Business School Lecturer
1972 - 1975 University of California Ford Foundation Fellow
1970 - 1972 BI Norwegian Business School Scholar
1969 - 1969 University of Oslo Research Assistant