Employee Profile

Ilka Verena Ohlmer

Visiting phd candidate - Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour


Ilka Verena Ohlmer is PhD Candidate at the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at BI Norwegian Business School. She received her Bachelors Degree from the Business and Information Technology School in Germany and her Masters Degree from BI Norwegian Business School.

Ilka has worked in HRM related projects for a car manufacturer and the largest bank for private customers in Germany, the German Chamber of Commerce in China, and a Norwegian organization specialized in data management and web analytics. Furthermore, she has worked facilitating sessions of leadership development programs for consultancies in Germany and Norway.

Research Areas
With her research, Ilka aims towards understanding the role of organizational decision makers in creating inequalities and unequal opportunity structures by the way they systematically differentiate among their workforce. Examples of such structures are compensation plans, performance measures, talent management programs, and leadership development programs. Ilka tries to identify boundary conditions that reduce discriminating, unjustifiable differentiation, and the feeling of exclusion, while maintaining dispersion where it is desired and preceived legitimate.


Ohlmer, Ilka Verena; Dries, Nicky & Dysvik, Anders (2018)

Global Talent Turnover

Collings, David; Scullion, Hugh & Caliguiri, Paula M. (red.). Global Talent Management

Ohlmer, Ilka Verena & Sasson, Amir (2018)

Showing your cards: Pay transparency and overall pay dispersion

[Academic lecture]. EGOS.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
2015 Handelshøyskolen BI Master of Science
2012 Business and Information Technology School (BiTS) B.S.
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2015 - Present BI Norwegian Business School PhD Candidate
2014 - 2014 Oslo University Teacher