Master Day 2023 - campus Oslo

Visit our beautiful campus in Oslo and learn all about our master’s degrees.

  • Starts:10:00, 1 February 2023
  • Ends:16:00, 1 February 2023
  • Location:Handelshøyskolen BI - campus Oslo
  • Enrolment deadline:01.02.2023 15:30
  • Contact:Elisabeth Taalesen (elisabeth.taalesen@bi.no)

On February 1st, BI opens its doors in Oslo to anyone interested in taking a master’s degree with us. A current student or not, this day will give you all answers you will have about starting a master’s degree with BI.

You can speak to faculty and current students, hear a guest lecture and panel discussion from within the business industry and get to know the campus. There will be live presentations from all the different Master of Science programs and the majors within MSc in Business.

Stand area is open from 10.00-14.00. Here you will get to chance to meet and chat to:

  • Current students in all master programs
  • BI Job and Careers
  • BI Internship
  • BI Exchange Programmes

Lunch will be served from 11.30-13.00. Make sure to register at campus to get free lunch.

Join a tour of campus at 11.30 or 13.30.

Below you can see our full program for Master Day at Oslo.


  • Time
  • Title
  • Speakers
  • Registration open

  • Welcome to Master Day 2023 by master Dean

    • General presentation of Master Degree at BI
    • Welcome from Master Dean

    Room B1-020

  • Master lecture with Matilda Dorotic

    Big data and social media trend – taste of master lecture. Room B1-020


    Matilda Dorotic

  • Panel discussion with alumni and industry

    Meet alumni from BI’s MSc programmes working at Antler, Equinor, McKinsey, French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Orkla.
    Room B1-020

  • Presentations Master of Science-programmes

    See the area below for detailed information on which rooms the different programmes are presented in.

  • Presentations Master of Science in Business and majors

    See the area below for detailed information on which rooms the different majors are presented in.

Presentations Master of Science-programs (13:00 - 14:45)

  1. 13.00-13.45:

    Room B1-020

    Msc in Finance
    Msc in Quantitative Finance
    MSc in Sustainable Finance

    Room C1-000
    BI Luiss Joint Masters in marketing
    Msc in Strategic marketing management
    Msc in Digital communication management
    Msc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  2. 14.00-14.45:

    Room B1-020

    Msc in Data Science for Business
    Msc in Business Analytics
    Msc in Applied Economics

    Room C1-000
    Master i Regnskap og Revisjon
    Master i Forretningsjus og økonomi

    Room C1-020
    Msc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology

Presentations Master of Science in Business and majors (15:00 - 16:30)

Choose up to two majors-presentations to listen to

  1. 15:00-15:30:

    Room C1-020
    General presentation of Master of Science in Business by Associate Dean.
  2. 15.45-16.00 and  16.05-16.20:

    Room C1-000

    Major in Finance 

    Room B2-030
    Major in Sustainable finance 

    Room B2-010
    Major in Strategy

    Room B2-080
    Major in Marketing 

    Room C2-080
    Major in Supply Chain and Operations Management

    Room B2-060
    Major in Accounting and Business Control

    Room C2-010
    Major in Economics 

    Room C2-065
    Major in Leadership and change 

Choose up to two majors-presentations to listen to