How to Develop Sustainablity Teaching through Student Feedback

BI Norwegian Business School’s Centre for Sustainability and Energy hosts monthly 30-minute inspirational talks on "why" and "how" to teach sustainability and responsibility in business schools. BI professor Caroline Dale Ditlev-Simonsen hosts the talks.

Today, we welcome Dr. Thomas Dyllick. He is professor emeritus for Sustainability Management at University of St.Gallen, and Director at The Institute for Business Sustainability, Lucerne, Switzerland. He is Director of the Executive Diploma in Advanced Sustainability, Co-founder and member of the Supervisory Board, Positive Impact Rating Association. He is passionate about “True Business Sustainability” and “Responsible Management Education”.

Dyllick will talk about the importance of student feedback in teaching sustainability and will focus in particular on the value of the student-driven sustainability rating of business schools; Positive Impact Rating (PIR). He will present the PIR, its background, its objectives, its structure, and some preliminary insights from the 2023 rating results. The full 2023 results will be presented at the PRME Global Forum in New York 13-14 June.

The discussion will draw on BI’s first participation in PIR this year, but it would be relevant for other business schools. BI President Karen Spens has stated that “The PIR survey will give us invaluable student feedback on how we as a school are doing on sustainability. And together with our students we will be able to do more and better for sustainability.”

This talk is relevant for students, faculty and professional staff in business schools.

Why is this talk relevant?

To solve today’s dire societal challenges, we need leaders who are able to generate purpose, ethics, system-thinking, interdisciplinary innovations and societal impact. International businesses and global associations are urging management educators to transform programmes and courses to deliver the kind of leadership that the world needs.

Are business schools too slow to transform curriculum, pedagogies and incentive structures to develop our future leaders? If so, how can they speed up?

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Practical information

  • Time:Thursday, 01 June 2023 11:00 - 11:30
  • Location:Zoom
  • Enrolment deadline:01.06.2023 11:10
  • Contact:Ann Kristin H Calisch (ann.kristin.calisch@bi.no)


Dr. Thomas Dyllick

Dr. Thomas Dyllick

Dr. Thomas Dyllick, professor emeritus at St. Gallen University, director at The Institute for Business Sustainability, co-founder of ‘Positive Impact Rating’ and passionate about Responsible Management Education.

Caroline Ditlev-Simonsen

Caroline Ditlev-Simonsen

Caroline Ditlev-Simonsen, professor at BI Norwegian Business School, co-director for BI Centre for Sustainability and Energy, PRME-adviser to BI President and host of BI Green Bag Lunch.