Presentation and discussion: The Cooperative Economy

  • Starts:15:00, 15 June 2023
  • Ends:17:00, 15 June 2023
  • Location:BI staff canteen at A7
  • Price:Free of charge
  • Enrolment deadline:15.06.2023 12:00
  • Contact:Anne Zimarseth Lenæs (anne.z.lenas@bi.no)

Societal grand challenges have taken a toll on humanity, which finds itself at a crossroads. The concentration of wealth and economic inequality, the dominance of Big Tech firms, the loss of privacy and free choice, and the overconsumption and abuse of natural resources have been reinforced by globalization.

Professor Dovev Lavie is a Full-time professor at Università Bocconi and holds an adjunct professor position at the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at BI Norwegian Business School.

He just published a book that identifies the root cause of these problems and offers a bold solution: a new economic system, free from the design flaws that have contributed to these societal grand challenges.

June 15, 2023, from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.

BI Norwegian Business School will host an event where Professor Lavie is joined by Tore Tennøe, Director of the Norwegian Board of Technology to address the dominance of Big Teck Firms and draw lines to a potential solution. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion.

For more information visit www.cooperativeeconomy.net