About BI

Filming at BI

We have guidelines for photos and video recording at our campuses. If you want to film or take pictures on any of our campuses you will need an approval which has to be brought.

Application for filming and taking photos

Purpose of visit


  • Approved applications must be printed and brought.
  • BI Norwegian Business School is a school and a workplace. It's therefore important that our students and employees doesn't get disturbed.
  • Students and staff shall not be filmed or photographed without permission.
  • It is not possible to film/photograph inside the BI Library.
  • It is not possible to film/photograph in class without special permission from the lecturer.
  • Anyone filming/photographing without permission can be asked to cancel the session.

Press and private persons

For news media it is sufficient to show a valid press ID. Individuals who wish to photograph or film for private use does not need to seek for permission. It is required that both of these groups also follows the guidelines described above. BI pray that our guidelines are followed and respected, and always relate to the instructions given.


For journalists wishing to film BI uses frequencies between 566.000 to 607.000 Mhz in our classrooms. All journalists are therefore to remain either below or above these frequencies, so this does not gets disturbed. In some auditoriums there is also XLR wall outlet with the possibility of tapping sound, contact the Learning Center for more information.