BI develops double degree programmes

28 February 2008

One of the pillars of BI’s new International Strategy for the period 2007 – 2010 is the development of so-called double degree programmes.

These are programmes where students spend 50 % of their time at BI and 50% of their time at an international partner institution. At the end of the ride the students are awarded two degrees: one from the home university and one from the host institution

The Executive MBA programme that BI started in 2003 in cooperation with the French Business School ESCP-EAP is an early example of such a double degree programme. Participants of this programme are awarded the BI MBA degree and the ESCP-EAP MBA degree. So far, this was BI only double degree programme but now the School has recently signed a double degree agreement in the Master of Science program area.

Three European partners

The Master of Science double degree programme is a cooperation between four European partners: the University of Amsterdam, the University of Ljubljana, the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and BI. The subject areas of the programme are Finance and Economics.  Selected students spend one year at their home institution and one year at one of the three possible host institutions. Each institution can send 10 Finance students and 10 Economics students.

At BI, first year master students from the MSc in Financial Economics and the MSc in Business and Economics (majors Finance and Economics) are eligible for the programme. The deadline for applications was February 1, 2008 and 12 BI students have applied  to spend a year abroad in 2008/2009. Amsterdam and Barcelona were the most popular destinations.

Positive Dean

Master of Science Dean Ulf Henning Olsson has embraced the double degree philosophy and has a clear policy message:

‘My goal is that each and every MSc programme will have a double degree possibility. I see two great advantages with these arrangements: they will lead to an increasing number of high quality international students at BI and they will make the BI Master programmes more attractive in the domestic market. In addition, double degree programmes require a strong involvement of faculty and can lead to interesting research opportunities as well’

Kick off meeting on March 7

BI Norwegian School of Management will be the host for a kick-off meeting on March 7 of the double degree programme with the University of Amsterdam, the University of Ljubljana and the University Pompeu Fabre (Barcelona). 
The meeting will not only address various practical issues related to the implementation of the programme in 2008/2009, but will also address strategic issues such as the inclusion of new partners.

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