BI drives Toyota

28 February 2008

In the course of 2008, 75 managers from the Norwegian Toyota organization will follow a tailor-made management development programme at BI.

The car giant’s The Toyota Way concept will run like a red thread through the programme.

In January 2008, BI established a newly developed, in-house management development programme for the Toyota organization in Norway. Seventy-five managers divided into 3 classes will follow The Toyota Way programme throughout the entire year. The purpose of the programme is to strengthen and further develop the Toyota organization with a focus on the managers’ abilities to make improvements and thereby increase value creation in their own business.

The expert forces behind the programme are Svein Andersen and Øyvind Sæther at the Institute for Management and Organization. The top management at Toyota are, however, also important contributors to the programme, which is a product of the close collaboration between BI and the world’s largest car manufacturer.

The Toyota Way

“The Toyota Way programme combines Toyota’s business philosophy with BI’s management theory”, explains Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Norge, Tor I Berge. In the course of the programme, theory and academic models will connect values and culture to an overall understanding of management, organization and value creation in businesses with a strong customer focus. Improvement and achievement development will be central themes in this respect. Berge emphasizes that the strength of the new management development programme lies in the unique combination of Toyota’s fundamental values and business ideas on the one hand, and modern management theory on the other.

The Toyota programme

“Toyota’s management training programme offers an arena for knowledge development, reflection, new ideas and organizational development”, says Per Erik Johannessen, project manager for BI Corporate. He explains that Toyota’s own strong commitment to the programme has resulted in a relevant, company focussed programme for the car organization. He adds that it has been interesting to collaborate with Toyota, which is a multinational group that takes the environment and respect for individuals seriously in its business operations.

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