BI amongst the 100 best out of 4000 management schools worldwide

28 April 2008

The Norwegian School of Management BI is amongst the 100 most recognised management schools in the world, and amongst the top 1000 schools “that count on earth”.

These are two of the conclusions of a new international survey carried out by an international scientific committee appointed by SMBG – the leading French company for student guidance and HR. The committee selected 1000 management schools “that count on Earth”, and BI is one of the top 100 schools to be awarded the very best grade. The assessment of the “Top Business Schools Worldwide 2008” is presented on the website (Education – Universal).

- This top international assessment of BI indicates that our international focus is producing results. It gives good reason to be very pleased, as BI is one of just 35 management schools in Europe to achieve the best results in such an international assessment,” says BI’s president Tom Colbjørnsen.

- This assessment supplements the view that the Financial Times has of management schools, with the principals of a thousand such schools also assessing each other in this case. These are presumably informants with a high level of expertise in the field! The result indicates that BI has a high profile internationally,” continues Colbjørnsen.

BI receives top grades

In Norway, only the Norwegian School of Management BI and the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) were amongst the 1000 schools, and only BI was amongst the 100 best. BI was placed in the top category “Universal Business Schools with Major International Influence” and was awarded grade five.

BI recommended by 49.3%

Between October 2007 and March 2008, the principals of the 1000 schools selected were asked the following question: “Which business school(s) would you recommend to anyone wishing to study in this country?” For Norway, the choice was between BI and NHH. The majority that voted – a total of 493 principals – recommended BI.


EDUNIVERSAL is a website that “provides answers to any question about higher education”, and enables students all over the world to select the school that best meets their needs and career plans. The 1000 management schools selected represent more than 150 countries spread across five continents. The 1000 schools were selected by an international committee appointed by SMBG, the leading French company within student guidance and HR.

The criteria that formed the basis for the selection were:

  • Universality
  • International recognition
  • Quality

The 100 top schools, the so-called Universal Business Schools with Major International Influence are located across the world, but with key concentrations in Western Europe (35) and North America (35). In addition, Australia (5), South Korea (4), China (3), Singapore (3) and Russia (4) also scored highly. The Scandinavian countries have one such school each.

From 2009, the selection will be renewed every two years. Read more at:

Facts about the Norwegian School of Management BI:

  • Vision: Professional strength and relevance makes BI a leading European management school.
  • Approved by NOKUT (Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) for accreditation as a scientific university college.
  • EQUIS-accredited as one of only 110 schools worldwide.
  • Presented as one of the 100 most recognised management schools out of a total of 4000 management schools worldwide, and one of the 35 most recognised management schools in Europe on the website
  • 18,253 students, of whom 52% are women and 48% are men. In 2008, BI had a record number of people starting courses, with an increase in applications between 2007 and 2008 of 15%, or 862 applicants. All BI schools and almost all Bachelor's courses are progressing. An extremely high proportion of students (a total of 95%) find a job within six months of completing their course. 
  • Researchers at highest levels internationally.
  • Courses: MBA course, 16 Bachelor's degree courses, seven Master’s degree courses, five doctoral programmes, covering vocational and further education, specialist courses, industry courses, tailor-made internal business programmes and management programmes.
  • Collaboration agreements with 148 universities and management schools in 40 countries around the world with many exchange students.
  • Separate MBA programme in China in collaboration with Fudan University School of Management.
  • Principal owner of ISM University of Economics and Management in Lithuania with 2000 students.
  • Strategic alliances with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore and ESCP/EAP European School of Management in Paris and others.
  • A total of six study sites in Norway: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Kristiansand and Drammen.
  • In 2008, BI’s building in Oslo won FIABCI’s Prix d’Excellence – Norway, and has now been entered in for the international competition.
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