EFMD impressed by BI's progress

11 April 2008

BI Norwegian School of Management has shown considerable progress, concludes EFMD in its feedback concerning BI’s status report mid-way through the Equis accreditation period (2005 - 2010).

BI Norwegian School of Management was first accredited by Equis (European Quality Improvement System) in 1999. BI was accredited for a further five years on 25 January 2005. The institution is required to submit a status report, known as a “Mid-Term Progress Report”, to EFMD halfway through the accreditation period.

BI sent this report to EFMD on 29 August last year. The report presents a description of the three improvement areas identified by the Equis Peer Review Team in 2005.

These three improvement areas were:

  • Further development of BI’s Master’s programmes
  • A stronger focus on Executive training
  • Greater internationalisation of research and education

Positive feedback

EFMD’s feedback to BI’s Mid-Term Progress Report is entirely positive. They are particularly pleased with BI’s efforts relating to double-degree programmes and the increase in exchange agreements, which it believes helps in improving BI’s international profile.

BI’s strengthened executive initiative within Master’s programmes and company-adapted programmes are also considered to be appropriate initiatives.

EFMD’s conclusion is that BI has succeeded in making education and research at BI more international. The initiative relating to the shipping and energy industries and China and the Baltic as regions are described as excellent.

The only improvement point that EFMD identifies is the decrease in externally financed research

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