Foreign BI students popular in the labour market

15 April 2008

1 out of 5 Master of Science students at BI are international students. As many as 26 different countries are represented in BI’s lecture halls in total.

Hui Feng (26) from China is one of many who received several relevant job offers from companies in Norway even before she completed her studies at BI Norwegian School of Management in 2007.

- We have seen an increasing number of international students in the master programme. For several years the number of international full-time students has been quite constant at around 11% while it has recently risen to 19%. In addition, a rising number of incoming exchange students has increased the total to more than 20%, says Ann Kristin Calisch, Director of Master programmes at BI Norwegian School of Management.

- The international strategy at BI is to increase the number of international students to 25% by 2010. This is a goal that is attainable, she adds. 

Attractive international students

The numbers from BI’s annual employment survey show that a high percentage of BI students are entering into the Norwegian labour market. 94% of all the Master of Science students are employed within six months of graduation. 78% received a job offer before graduation. The favourable employment market in Norway is also attractive to BI’s international master students.

- Yes, I do agree with the results of the survey. I am from China and I received a very exciting job offer in Norway before completing my studies, says Hui Feng, one of many students from China who have undertaken a study programme at BI in Norway.

Hui Feng graduated from BI with a Master of Science with Honors in International Management in the summer of 2007. Like most of her co-students she received a relevant job offer. She completed her studies in July 2007, but received a job offer in May that year. Hui is now employed as a Management Trainee at Det Norske Veritas at Høvik, located just outside of Oslo. She applied for the job through one of the Internet-based channels for recruitment. During this time she was offered employment from the company where she had worked part-time during her studies as well as receiving a job offer from another Norwegian company.

- I chose Veritas because of their strong international profile. I also knew that they are a stable employer with a long history and a solid reputation. In addition, they offer a great trainee programme and from January 2009 I will be given the opportunity to work abroad for 8 months, says Hui Feng. The international strategy and focus on intercultural interaction provided within the Master Programme at BI was one of the most positive aspects at BI, in her opinion.

High level working conditions

It was her boyfriend and present husband which brought Hui Feng to Norway and subsequently to BI. He is also from China but they have both chosen to reside in Norway.

It is the high level working conditions which is one of the most important factors influencing foreigners to reside in Norway.

- Norway gives you a well balanced lifestyle. Here it is possible to balance time with family and friends along with work commitments. In China where economy is developing at such a high pace these days, your work consumes most of your time, she explains.


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