BI in the mainstream of international business schools

16 May 2008

BI has been included as the only Norwegian institution in the Financial Times’ ranking of 65 international universities and colleges that develop and deliver tailor-made competence and management development programmes for industry and the public sector.

This year, BI was in 65th place in the category of universities and colleges worldwide and in 28th place in the European colleges’ category.

- In the last couple of years, we have stepped up our efforts in this area, and highlighted internal business programmes for industry and the public sector as a strategic focus area. Therefore, given that this is a relatively new focus area, achieving such a high level is no mean feat. Although we are a little behind the best, we are keeping in touch with the mainstream, and this will encourage us to work hard in order to move higher up the list in the coming years. We are the only Norwegian institution to be included in this ranking and the international benchmark that this provides us with is both educational and motivating, concludes BI’s president Tom Colbjørnsen.

Utility value is crucial

Among other things, the Financial Times’ ranking of tailor-made internal business programmes is based on what employers think about the utility value of the programmes for their respective organisations (“value for money” and “future use”). In addition, the Financial Times has assessed the organisational level of the students, with senior management programmes being ranked higher than programmes for middle managers and technical specialists. The Financial Times also places an emphasis on the college’s international profile in the execution of the programme itself.

BI active overseas

In 2007, BI established tailor-made internal business programmes as a new strategic focus area alongside individual study programmes, which represent BI’s traditional core product.

BI is consciously working towards strengthening internal business education. The adaptation of study arrangements in order to meet the challenges that an organisation faces is both an exciting and a stimulating professional challenge. Both teaching and research are stimulated in new ways when industry is considered as an active “learning partner” rather than a recipient of education. The hallmark of quality for the foremost providers of internal/adapted business programmes is therefore the development of new knowledge, fresh research and the building of international networks through a dialogue with industry.

BI’s internal business programmes

During the last two years, the BI Norwegian School of Management has implemented many tailor-made internal programmes for industry and the public sector. Many of BI’s internal business programmes can currently be carried out at overseas education centres where either BI and/or the client have a presence.

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