BI Researcher to Stanford

9 June 2008

Researcher Dijana Tiplic at the BI Norwegian School of Management has been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford.

“To conduct research at Stanford is a dream come true,” says Tiplic.

The Scandinavian Consortium for Organisation Research (Scancor) administrates the fellowship, which is a postdoctoral fellowship in organisational studies financed by the Nordic countries.

The Research Council of Norway supports the fellowship, which provides Nordic researchers with the opportunity to work with elite Stanford scholars.

The annual fellowship stipend is USD 50,000 and the postdoctoral fellowship may last from one to two years. This is the first time the Scancor fellowship has been awarded.

One researcher from each of the Nordic countries have now received the Scancor fellowship. There were a total of four applicants from Norway who submitted proposals for research projects. The applications were first considered by national committees and finally by professors at Stanford, who chose the four candidates who will be working with selected professors. 

Research into higher education

Dijana Tiplic was the successful candidate from Norway. She is now in the process of completing her doctorate at the Department of Leadership and Organisational Management at the BI Norwegian School of Management. She originally comes from Bosnia-Herzegovina and has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tuzla and an MSc in Business Administration from the BI Norwegian School of Management.

Tiplic’s field is within organisation research, with higher education as her specialty and the Balkans area as her case. 

In the forefront worldwide

Stanford University has fostered 27 Nobel Laureates among its professors and researchers. Sixteen of these are engaged at the university.

“To stay at Stanford and conduct research there is a dream come true. It will be both a fantastic and challenging opportunity. To have the opportunity to continue to work on organisational research, which is my field of interest, is a privilege,” says Tiplic.

Stanford is the forefront of organisational research worldwide. Tiplic will commence her fellowship at the Stanford School of Education in Autumn.

“With the experience I will gain from Stanford, I hope to contribute to strengthening the international perspective of this research in Norway,” says Tiplic.

The committee that considered the Norwegian applicants was headed by Ivar Bleiklie, University of Bergen. Other members were Tom Christensen, University of Oslo and Bente Rasmussen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

Tiplic presented her doctoral thesis, entitled “Managing Organisational Change in Institutional Upheaval: Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Higher Education in Transition”, at the BI Norwegian School of Management on Friday, 6 June.

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