BI becomes member of the Nordic Association of University Administrators

7 January 2009

In December 2008 the BI Norwegian School of Management (BI) was granted membership of the Nordic Association of University Administrators (NUAS). NUAS is a collaborative effort between 58 Nordic universities and university colleges to enhance experience exchange and network building.

“BI applied for membership of NUAS because we view its aim of enhancing experience exchange and network building between universities and university colleges across the entire Nordic region as particularly valuable. We believe that membership of NUAS will prove to be an important forum for dialogue on issues relating to quality improvement, an area which is given high priority at BI,” says Vice President Guri Hjeltnes.

About NUAS

NUAS aims to contribute to strengthening collaboration between the Nordic universities and colleges. The organisation is headed by a steering group comprising two members each from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and one member from Iceland. These persons are appointed in consultation with the respective countries’ representatives. Representatives from the universities on the Faroe Islands and Greenland also participate as observers in the steering group. The steering group members appoint the steering group leader and deputy. NUAS also has several planning groups that arrange seminars on different themes relating to university administration.

NUAS – quality improvement and collaboration

NUAS has a total membership of 58 universities and university colleges. Membership conditions require that a university or university college is deemed to hold teaching and research competence at university level, researcher posts and the right to confer doctoral degrees. Membership is signed by the university’s director or equivalent.

Each member institution appoints a point of contact for NUAS and, when required, a deputy. BI’s representatives in NUAS are Marianne Schei, Director, Central Programmes Administration and Jan Frode Lien, Director, Bachelor's Programmes Administration.

Text: Ole Petter Leite. Communication advisor at BI Norwegian School of Management

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