BI strengthens focus on Executive MBA

13 January 2009

BI Norwegian School of Management has decided to restructure its MBA portfolio and expand its portfolio of Executive MBA programmes, while simultaneously phasing out its full-time MBA programme.

"We see that the demand as regards MBA is changing from full-time to part-time studies. In addition to focusing on a general Executive MBA, BI Norwegian School of Management sees opportunities in specific areas, for instance shipping. Other areas, such as technology, are also being considered, and we are now restructuring our MBA portfolio to focus on these opportunities," says president of BI Norwegian School of Management, Tom Colbjørnsen.

Currently,  BI’s  EMBA portfolio consists of a general Executive MBA programme and the Executive MBA in Shipping, Offshore and Finance programme. In addition, BI Norwegian School of Management has a successful part-time MBA programme in China.

Changes in the MBA portfolio

BI Norwegian School of Management aims to increase the total number of students in the MBA area from about 65 at present to about 100 students in 2010. In addition, BI will continue with the executive MBA programme at Fudan University in China with its 120 students. The MBA market is characterised by an increasing number of students wanting to study for this degree part-time, in combination with their regular job, and BI has therefore closed down the full-time MBA programme. At the same time, the total portfolio will expand, and BI Norwegian School of Management will focus on new Executive MBA programmes which specialise in different areas.

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